Second strike: Ukrainians destroyed all Russian air defenses of Lugansk with HIMARS – Hitting Russian Army Command centers! – WarNews247

The situation in Ukraine is dangerously escalating, with the risk of dragging NATO member countries along. The Ukrainians have launched a new targeted barrage of US MLRS HIMARS against Russian air defense units and command centers in Lugansk.

The Russians admit significant losses. Ukraine inflicted a massive hit on the air defense unit covering Lugansk. There were at least S-300s and Pantsirs in the area.

S-400 and S-300V4 had been moved to the wider Lugansk area. It is unknown whether they were hit or whether or not they reacted to the Ukrainian artillery barrage.

This development also explains why the Russians pounded right after the Bakhmut region. The rockets were launched from there.

This means that the Ukrainian Army receives coordinates for direct hits against Russian air defenses.

Due to these developments, the Russians delivered Tochka-U ballistic missiles to the forces of Lugansk and Donetsk.

At the same time they transport Buk-M3/M2 to Luhansk with two 9A317M TELAR, R-166-05 Artek communication vehicle, MT-LB and other vehicles.

The Lugansk air defense unit was destroyed

“The air defense emplacement area, which covered Lugansk from missile attacks, was destroyed by American weapons,” officials in the area said.

They specifically mention:

“Last night’s strikes in Lugansk using US weapons resulted in the destruction of an entire military air defense unit, which covered Lugansk and an entire sector of airspace from missile and airstrikes.

At the moment, reserve forces are being used to protect Lugansk however, the situation is likely to be critical.

The Ukrainians launched a massive attack with MLRS HIMARS

At this time, all measures have been taken for the safety of citizens. For a long time, the Ukrainians have been trying to strike critical civilian infrastructure facilities in our capital, Lugansk.

All attempts were stopped thanks to the coordinated actions of the air defense forces. “Despite the fact that several Ukrainian missiles hit their targets, the skies over Lugansk are controlled by reserve forces , ” said Andriy Marochko, a senior Lugansk officer.

Russian experts fear that if the strikes on the air defense deployment areas of Lugansk and Donetsk continue, it will allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to use tactical missile weapons capable of inflicting much more serious blows.

The ammunition of the air defense systems was also destroyed by the explosions.

The Tribulation is commencing…

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