World-historic developments in the Middle East: Agreements to normalize relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel – A war “storm” with Iran-Hezbollah is approaching – WarNews247.

World-historic developments are happening in the “Middle East” as the normalization of Israel-Saudi Arabia relations has begun, something that would have been unthinkable until a short time ago. The development is pivotal as it paves the way for a full Israeli-Arab defense alliance.

American sources report that there are now “substantial steps” towards normalization that will create a new map in the region, a “New Middle East”.

At the same time, all the developments related to the defense interconnection between Israel and Arab states are running, while a Summit of Officials of 30 (!) countries was held to deal with Hezbollah.

A solid front is now being created against Iran and Hezbollah. It is only a matter of time before a “storm” breaks out in the Middle East.

Normalization of Saudi-Israeli relations

According to reports, steps towards normalizing relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel are expected to be announced over the weekend after Biden met in Jeddah with Saudi King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This was revealed by three Israeli officials

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan himself confirmed earlier in a briefing with reporters that the Biden administration is working on a road map to normalize relations between the countries during Biden’s visit to the region but declined to go into details.

A senior Israeli official confirmed that final decisions will only be made after a meeting between Biden and Saudi officials, including MBS (Mohammed Bin Salman), and will likely be announced on Saturday either by the Saudis or by Biden with permission from Saudi Arabia.

Let’s not forget, as WarNews247 has already reported, that diplomats and lawyers from the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have been working for weeks on a complex deal that would allow the transfer of two strategic Red Sea islands from Egypt in Saudi Arabia.

The agreement will be signed during Biden’s visit to the Kingdom.

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