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Έκτακτη σύγκληση Συμβουλίου Ασφαλείας από Β.Πούτιν: Θέτει σε πλήρη πολεμική κινητοποίηση την Αμυντική βιομηχανία & προετοιμάζει επιστράτευση

The extraordinary meeting of the State Duma of Russia has begun with B.Putin beginning to make sweeping changes as he dismissed the head of the Russian space agency (Roskosmos) Dmitry Rogozin and Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov by decree.

The major issue is the impeachment of Yuri Borisov, who leaves the post of deputy prime minister. Borisov is replaced by the former Minister of Trade and Industry Denis Madurov.

All three changes had been known for 48 hours as there was great discontent in the Kremlin about the defense industry’s performance in some sectors .

The Borisov debacle paves the way for a deal to supply drones from Iran, which could happen during Putin’s visit to Tehran next week.

HIMARS cause?

It is obvious that the removal of such a key senior official, who has been responsible in various positions for the development and production of weapons with which Russian troops are currently fighting in Ukraine, can only mean one thing.

That the war revealed gaps and weaknesses. Or the complete absence of some of the much needed. And someone had to answer the “why”. And this came with the expulsion of Borisov..

It is quite possible that the last straw was the M142 HIMARS MLRS. Since the last days of June, only eight such American MLRS units sent to Ukraine have become a real disaster for the Russian army both in Donbass and near Kherson. And soon Ukraine will be reinforced with them as their number will increase to twelve.

There are still very few of them in Ukraine. But where HIMARS appear, Ukrainians get quality. These weapons hit Russian areas at great depth, up to 90 kilometers behind the front. And with amazing accuracy.

Emergency Security Council Convening by V. Putin: Puts the Defense Industry on Full War Mobilization & Prepares Mobilization

The concern and mystery surrounding the emergency convocation of the Duma is intensifying as B. Putin simultaneously convened an emergency National Security Council. Obviously something serious is going on in the background.

According to what has become known, the president of Russia signed decrees on the transition to a “war economy”. Some of the details that have become known speak of conscription procedures and laws that give superpowers in order for the military-industrial complex to be put on full war mobilization

Everything shows that there will be an extension of the war in Ukraine. Kharkiv, Odessa or even strengthening forces in the Kaliningrad enclave.

In addition, the fact that the US suddenly issued a travel advisory after so many months of war calling on Americans to leave Ukraine immediately is also worrying. Why now and why again after so long?

“War Economy” Decree

At the same time, the President of Russia, V. Putin, signed a decree on special measures in the economy during special military operations abroad.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the right of the Russian government to introduce special measures in the economic sector to ensure that the Russian Armed Forces, other troops, military formations and agencies conduct counter-terrorist and other operations outside the territory of Russia.

The Tribulation is commencing…

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