EMERGENCY – B.Putin incapacitated: He closes the Jewish Agency – Israel: “Major crisis with Russia – It is an attack on the heart of the Jewish state” – WarNews247 (Gog & Magog Setup!!)


A major Russia-Israel crisis is underway as Moscow has instructed the Ministry of Justice to begin lockout and eviction procedures for the Jewish Agency in the country. This is an unprecedented action by B. Putin which has raised a storm of reactions in Israel.

Israel’s prime minister intervened and warned Moscow of a “major diplomatic crisis” while senior Israeli officials spoke of an “attack on the heart of the Jewish state”. Moscow’s energy is front page in the Israeli newspapers…

On Thursday, Russia moved from words and warnings to practical steps as the Justice Ministry filed its appeal at the Basmanny court in Moscow

The court received a lawsuit filed by the main department of the Ministry of Justice in Moscow, requesting the dissolution of the Jewish Agency, ” the court said.

Ekaterina Buravtsova, a spokeswoman for the court, emphasized that the request was made after legal violations, without elaborating.

The appeal is scheduled to be held on July 28.

In the framework of the Russia-Israel crisis, the information from the Ukrainian media also enters, that employees of the Israeli secret service Mossad and the American intelligence services provided direct assistance to the SBU in identifying and dismantling a Russian intelligence network.

Intervention by G. Lapid – He warns B. Putin

The Prime Minister of Israel, G. Lapid, warned that the closure of the offices of the Jewish Agency (Jewish Agency) will affect ties with Russia.

“The forced closure of the offices of the Jewish Agency in Russia will have a serious impact on Israel-Russia relations,” Prime Minister Yair Lapid warned today Sunday.

“Relations with Russia are important for Israel, ” Lapid said, adding that “the Jewish community in Russia is large and important and appears in every diplomatic discussion with the Moscow government.”

Lapid’s comments came after Russia’s Justice Ministry took action against the Jewish Agency, alleging it was illegally collecting information on Russian citizens, and calling for the Jewish Agency to be shut down.

The Tribulation is commencing..

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