Chinese missile barrage in Taiwan Strait: DF-21 aircraft carrier “killers” deployed – Fighters & helicopters mass take-off – WarNews247.

The Chinese Army is laying the foundations for a large-scale attack against Taiwan on the occasion of the possibility of a visit by N. Pelosi. Well-informed Chinese as well as Russian sources report that the transfer of forces that have nothing to do with “a simple military exercise” has begun.

Nancy Pelosi’s office has revealed that she is expected to visit Singapore on August 1st for a US Chamber of Commerce event. In its program it explicitly included the countries of Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan, but not Taiwan.

Chinese sources said they did not expect anything different at this stage. If the Pelosi visit takes place, it will be a surprise and will not be announced. Chinese troops will therefore remain on alert until the speaker of the House of Representatives finishes her travels

Fighters took off – HQ-22 and MLRS transported

“PLA warplanes have started 24 hours ago to conduct sorties around the island of Taiwan to protect their country’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity.” This was stated by the official spokesman of PLA-China Air Force Shen Jinke.

At the same time, in China’s Fujian province next to Taiwan, arrays of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s HQ-22 air defense system were spotted being transported while the DF-17 hypersonic ballistic missile was launched.

Also carried were 300-mm MLRS. Chinese amphibious forces conduct landing simulations on beaches similar to those in Taiwan

Missile barrage in the Taiwan Strait

The Chinese Army fired at least 50 missiles towards the Taiwan Strait late at night.

Specifically, the residents of the Fujian region were faced with an unprecedented sight. The Chinese Army deployed heavy MLRS PHL-16 systems and launched missile attacks directed at the Taiwan Straits.

The PHL-16 MLRS are an analogue of the American HIMARS systems, however, they carry heavy 370 mm guided missiles capable of hitting targets at distances of up to 220 km and according to some sources up to 500 km.

It is worth noting that Taiwan is only 180 km away from this point, so it is within their range.

Chinese sources said the missile strikes were carried out along the eastern part of the strait, and the impact was so massive that it could be seen from up to 80 kilometers away.

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