Crucial Hour: 4,600 Shelters Opened in Taiwan – Russia: We Fully Support China – PLA Collects Blood Plasma & Loads Airlifters – WarNews247

China Closes Airspace Above Taiwan Strait As Pelosi Plane Inbound With Fighter Jet Escort

4,600 shelters have been opened in Taiwan to welcome the island’s people with the military on full alert. The Fleet has sailed and the island’s air defense is in full combat readiness.

At the same time, Taiwan’s military is also moving its forces to the island. As of 8 a.m. Tuesday, response readiness was increased in response to Chinese military moves. Taiwan’s fighters are in scattered positions while 8 Mirage 2000s are preparing to accompany Pelosi’s aircraft.

Taiwanese media reports that:

“In the face of China’s repeated warnings, the national military is on full alert, with all warplanes flying with a full load of missiles and on alert to take out communist aircraft” . is said to be more correct

At the same time, the Taiwan National Army’s combat readiness on Penghu, an island in the Taiwan Strait, has been “significantly enhanced”

Military sources told Taiwan’s TVBS that in the past two days PLA intelligence ships, destroyers and frigates have appeared in the waters off Lanyu and Hualien

Russia fully supports China

The Kremlin warned the US today that an expected visit to Taiwan by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would put it on a collision course with China and stoke tensions in the region.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov condemned Pelosi’s visit as “provocative.”

He reiterated that Russia understands China’s concerns on the issue and stands in solidarity with its eastern neighbor.

“We stand with our ally China.”

“We can’t say for sure right now whether or not she will go there, but everything about this tour and her possible visit to Taiwan is completely provocative, ” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

It was preceded a few minutes before by the support of the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, who considered the USA solely responsible for the tension in Taiwan.

“Russia expresses its support and solidarity with the People’s Republic of China on the sensitive issue of Taiwan. The Americans have chosen the path of conflict and it will not turn out well for them.

Washington is destabilizing the world. Not a single conflict has been settled in recent decades, but many have been provoked ,” said the representative of Russian diplomacy, Maria Zakharova, on her Telegram account.

At the same time, Iran declared its support for the People’s Republic of China

Iran fully supports the ‘one China’ policy against destructive US unilateralism”

For his part, the Chinese envoy appreciated Iran’s position on the “One China” policy.

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