Sparking AUKUS Involvement: US Activates “Lend-Lease Act” And For Taiwan – Chinese Ambassador: “We’ll Figure It Out Soon” – WarNews247

Taiwan is slowly and steadily turning into a new Ukraine as American Senators are preparing a bipartisan bill that will activate the World War II military aid program, “Lend-Lease Act”, for Taipei as well, as they did with Kyiv.

It is questionable whether the US defense industry can withstand fighting on two fronts. American action is also very risky as it will directly involve AUKUS against China. Soon South Korea-Japan, Australia and Britain will be called upon to militarily reinforce Taiwan in confrontation with Beijing.

In the USA they know and it is 100% certain that there will be a Chinese attack on Taiwan. The country’s leadership will choose when, but everything shows that the “zero point” is very close.

Today, on the first day of the largest military exercises in PLA history, ballistic missiles flew over the heads of Taiwanese people to land either in the island’s territorial waters or in Japan’s EEZ.

This is an unprecedented military act of intimidation that has never been done before in history. One mistake and the Chinese missile, even from a manufacturing defect, will crash into Taiwan. The fight is so close.

At the same time, China’s ambassador to France spoke publicly about “re-education” of the people of Taiwan which will take place after the reunification of the island with the mainland while General Meng Xiangjun (NDU of China) explained that the six areas in which the PLA conducts its live-fire exercises delineate the encirclement of Taiwan, potentially sealing Keelung as well as the Bashi Channel.

Chinese Ambassador: We will take over Taiwan and re-educate it

A senior Chinese diplomat has publicly revealed that Beijing will “re-educate” the people of Taiwan after “reuniting” the island with the mainland.

Lu Sai, China’s ambassador to France, spoke publicly about Beijing’s plans.

Speaking to French broadcaster BFMTV on Wednesday, Lu Tsai described Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan as an “unnecessary provocation” which “created a great danger”.

According to the diplomat, most people in Taiwan supported reunification with China a few years ago, but the Democratic Progressive Party’s “anti-Chinese” propaganda brainwashed the people.

This is why he believes that the Taiwanese population needs to be “re-educated”.

“After the reunion, we will retrain. I am confident that at that time, the people of Taiwan will once again become favorable to reunification.

The population will then regain its patriotic feeling. Education will be the main weapon of this work, and it will not be “under threat”.

How the “reunion” will take place is obvious…

The US activates the Lend-Lease Act for Taiwan

For the second time since 1941 and World War II, the US will again activate the Lend-Lease Act. This time for Taiwan.

This Act, which was also approved for Ukraine, will allow US forces to transfer military equipment directly by cutting red tape.

This act was originally passed by the US Congress in March 1941 to provide the Allies during World War II with military equipment/supplies and most importantly, oil, to continue fighting the Axis powers around the world and crush Hitler’s forces.

The Lend-Lease program created during World War II is considered a game-changer in the conflict, as it allowed the US to quickly resupply the Allies without time-consuming procedural hurdles.

Republicans are reportedly preparing to introduce the same legislation that applies to Ukraine to create a “lend-lease” military aid program for Taiwan to fend off increased Chinese aggression.

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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