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Following the explosions that took place yesterday at the Saki air base on the Crimean peninsula, local authorities declared a state of emergency in the neighboring region

Crimea’s Russian-appointed governor, Sergei Aksyonov, said, according to the Interfax news agency, that at least 252 residents of the neighboring town of Novofyodorovka would be moved to emergency shelters.

According to Akshiomnov, more than 60 apartment buildings and 20 commercial shops have been damaged by the explosions. He promised the owners of the damaged houses compensations of 10,000 – 100,000 rubles (158 and 1580 euros respectively).

“The main goal is the fastest possible restoration of infrastructure, apartment buildings and private homes in the residential area. Basic works that will enable residents to return to their homes are planned to be completed within ten days, ” Aksyonov said, adding that gas supply to two cities has been temporarily cut off.

Bloody attacks

According to official data, at least one person was killed yesterday by the explosions and 14 were injured. Aksyonov added that investigations are being conducted into the causes of the explosions. Officials in Moscow said a violation of fire safety rules was responsible for the explosions.

However, observers believe that the daring attack, which took place very far from the front line and caused powerful explosions, was carried out by Ukrainians. It could be the first military strike against targets in Crimea since it joined Russia in 2014.

What the Ukrainian Air Force reported

The destruction of at least nine Russian aircraft at the Saky air base in Crimea where a series of explosions occurred yesterday, the Ukrainian Air Force claims. “Nine occupier planes down,” the announcement said.

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