BBC: Armageddon – ‘Domino’ from drought to Europe’s power generation and energy sufficiency – WarNews247

Where water is used, the production of electricity is reduced and already the drop exceeds 20%, according to the BBC, which recalls that while the drought is threatening the rivers Rhine and Thames equally, the problem is developing like a domino in hydroelectric plants and nuclear plants of Europe.

Italy gets about 1/5 of its power from hydroelectric plants, but this has fallen by about 40% in the past 12 months.

In Spain, electricity production fell by 44%, according to data from energy researchers Rystad Energy.

Extremely hot weather is also affecting nuclear power generation, especially in France. About half of the 56 reactors are offline, with several affected by a systemic corrosion problem.

France is now compensating for the electricity deficit by importing from the UK, among others, where high temperatures are affecting fossil, nuclear and solar energy sources.

“If both the French and British systems are in crisis at the same time, then no one really knows what will happen ,” warn experts.

The French government as a temporary measure allows nuclear plants to release very hot water back into the rivers while the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, citing indicatively: “As soon as the water in the rivers runs low or warms up the cooling in the nuclear plants must stop, because the released water is dangerous.”

Hydroelectricity production can be affected by volatile factors, but a 40% reduction is absolutely extreme ,” says Rystad energy analyst Fabian Ronningen.

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