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Red water, a phenomenon that is affecting various water basins in various parts of the world. What’s behind this phenomenon? Is it something natural or is it a consequence of the umpteenth nefarious and destructive work of man?

The red water is affecting both seas and lakes and the chromatic conformation assumed is reminiscent of the color of blood. For a frightening phenomenon, with good reason. It almost seems to be a horror movie or video game. What lies behind the appearance of red water in both salt and artificial ponds?

Some experts have looked into the matter by analyzing samples extrapolated from the red water that emerged in Lake Merritt in the United States. And they immediately understood the cause to which to direct everything that is happening in recent weeks.

Red water, the cause of sea and lake colored in horror colors

Apparently the cause of all this is due to cyanobacteria, which in some situations can also give off a blue pigmentation. In the latter case, phycocyanin is responsible, while red is connected to phycoerythrin. And these cyanobacteria populate the algae found on the bottoms of seas and lakes.

The main nutrients of these plants are phosphorus and nitrogen, present in massive quantities in all industrial waste discharged into water courses. Apparently, this passage of productive waste substances in many places ended up releasing that little reassuring red color, also the result of the exceptional high temperatures recorded almost everywhere.

Are these cyanobacteria dangerous? Potentially they can be, as they release toxins that can poison both humans and animals. If after a bath signs appear on the skin such as skin rashes and there are no jellyfish or similar organisms in the water, the cause could be connected to a strong bacterial presence. Even if the water looks absolutely normal.

And as always happens, the presence of algae in an invasive way or other unusual presences such as mucilage, is strongly indicative of a high pollution rate and which would require extraordinary intervention in order to restore the level of purity of the water to normal values. .

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The Tribulation is commencing…

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