EMERGENCY- Fire in the Baltic: On 24-hour patrol three MiG-31 with Kinzhal: Estonia-Finland agreement – NATO imprisons the Russian Fleet with a double naval exclusion zone – WarNews247


The Russian Navy is facing one of the biggest challenges in its modern history as it is revealed that NATO is setting up a double line of naval blockade in the Baltic. The aim is to “lock” the Russian Fleet both in Kronstand and in Kaliningrad.

Estonia’s Defense Minister has revealed that his country and Finland are to unify coastal defense systems, allowing them to completely close the Gulf of Finland to Russian warships.

The Gulf of Finland is a gulf of the Baltic Sea that stretches between Finland (in the north) and Estonia (in the south) to the city of Saint Petersburg in Russia

This development is also the reason for the hasty dispatch of three Russian MiG-31 fighters armed with hypersonic Kinzhal missiles to the Kaliningrad region

According to information, these fighters will now be on 24-hour patrol, which clearly indicates a serious need.

“Three MiG-31 aircraft with hypersonic Kinzhal missiles were transferred to the Chkalovsk airfield in the Kaliningrad region. The service of MiG-31 aircraft at the Chkalovsk airport in the Kaliningrad region will be 24 hours.

“MiG-31s” with “Kinzhal” worked out scenarios with fighters of the naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet as well as air defense during the flight, ” the Russian Ministry of Defense said earlier.

Estonia and Finland unify coastal missile defense systems

Finland and Estonia will unify their coastal missile defenses, which will allow the countries to close the Gulf of Finland to Russian warships if necessary, Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur said.

“We must consolidate our coastal defenses. The range of Estonian and Finnish missiles is longer than the width of the Gulf of Finland. This means we can connect our missile defenses and share all information with each other,” Pevkur emphasized.

Estonia will reportedly buy Israeli Blue Spear anti-ship missiles this fall, which have a range of 290 kilometers. This means that the Estonians can direct their missiles anywhere towards the Gulf of Finland

Revelation 6:4 says,”And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword’

The Greek for sword is machaira and it’s also called a slaughter-knife. It’s a short sword or dagger used for stabbing.

But how could a dagger or short sword be great? It doesn’t really make any sense until Stan looked up the Russian word for sword.

It’s Kinzhal, the same name as their hypersonic missiles!

The Tribulation is commencing…

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