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Update(1833ET): The Pentagon said Wednesday it is looking into reports of an exchange of fire between pro-Iranian groups in Syria and the US coalition forces. Meanwhile during the evening (local time), The Jerusalem Post reports that President Biden has authorized a second round of US airstrikes:

A second round of airstrikes by the US-led international coalition operating in Iraq and Syria targeted Iran-linked sites in the Deir al-Zor region of eastern Syria on Wednesday evening, according to local reports.

The airstrikes targeted Iran-backed militias in the city of Al-Mayadin and Saker Island, according to the reports.

Alongside the reported airstrikes, reports by both Syrian and foreign media indicated that a number of rockets had been fired towards the Green Village and Conoco gas fields, both sites where US forces are hosted.

Local pro-Assad and Iran-backed forces appear to be retaliating, in a dangerous situation that suggests escalation after years of US forces occupying Syria’s oil and gas rich northeast region, ever since Trump’s “secure the oil” mission which has been kept in place by Biden.

This comes after the prior evening’s US strikes on militias in Deir ez-Zor, said to be retaliation for last week’s missile attacks on the US base at al-Tanf, along the Iraqi border. Follow-up reports say last night’s initial strike was conducted by multiple manned fighter jets.

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The Pentagon has confirmed that President Biden ordered airstrikes on Iran-backed groups in Syria on Tuesday, following a series of reported attacks on a remote US base in eastern Syria and which appeared to also target ground allies being trained by American special forces.

“At President Biden’s direction, US military forces conducted precision airstrikes in Deir ez-Zor Syria today. These precision strikes are intended to defend and protect US forces from attacks like the ones on August 15 against US personnel by Iran-backed groups,” a CENTCOM statement said.

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