EMERGENCY – Erdogan to the Turkish people: “We will attack Greece in 2023”! – Mpachtseli: “Greece will suffer worse than 1922” – WarNews247


The Turkish president spoke publicly about an attack on Greece in 2023. Specifically, R.T. Erdoğan, raising his voice dangerously, openly posed the following question to the Turkish people who were watching him:

“Are you ready for the onslaught of 2023?” asked the Turkish president speaking at the 100th anniversary of the Great Victory Events of August 30.

“Are we ready for the onslaught of 2023?”
The Turkish president specifically said:

“We declared to the whole world that a Turk cannot be enslaved and the shroud for a Turk cannot be cut. Faith is that substance which is divinely great! The unfaithful rusty heart is a burden on the chest!. This nation, with its loyal heart, we threw the infidels into the sea from Smyrna.’

The enemy, who began to occupy the homeland from all sides, met resistance and realized that the shoes were expensive, and left the subcontracting to the Greeks.

This nation poured the infidels into the sea from Smyrna with their faithful hearts.

Everyone saw that the struggle was won not only with guns and money, but with faith, determination and perseverance.

Our nation has once again demonstrated to friends and foes that it is determined to protect its independence and future in its eternal homeland, Anatolia.

We declared to the whole world that a Turk cannot be enslaved and cannot be blinded.

“Are we ready for the onslaught of 2023?”.

“The Greeks were the pawns of other enemy forces of the time, but with their faith and determination the Turks managed to throw them into the sea,” the Turkish president said, trying to create an impression.

“The enemy may have had more machine guns, cannons, trucks, cars and airplanes than us, but the faith-filled hearts of our soldiers made up for all these deficiencies. In fact, while the Greek army was retreating, 65% of its 200,000 soldiers were annihilated on the Afyon-Kyutachia line.”

The prayers raised to the sky gave the joyful news of the liberation of the city of Afion, which was destroyed and burned by the Greeks. The same wonderful scene was experienced in Kutahya on August 30, when the Turkish troops entered the city. I mean here.

The Greek army was routed within four days, when its commanders were captured and defeated by the Turkish forces. On the one hand our army was advancing towards Smyrna, on the other hand it was continuing to pursue the troops of the Greek army that were leaving to the north of Eskişehir.

We see the burning and destruction of all our towns by the enemy, as he retreated, as a proof of their vile character. As it is today” said Erdogan in an incendiary tone.


Earlier, RT Erdogan’s government partner, the president of the Nationalist Action Party, Devlet Bakhceli, made extreme belligerent and inflammatory statements, referring to the Turkish provocation with the S-300.

In more detail, Mr. Bakhtseli emphasized in a very strong tone that Greece “should be very careful and immediately stop this madness. Otherwise, he will experience much worse things than what happened on August 30, 1922.”

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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