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Tensions between China and Taiwan escalated for the second day in a row, with Taiwan’s military again opening fire on Chinese drones. There is now a new escalation in the area.

It was preceded on August 24 by the fiasco of Taiwan’s armed forces when a Chinese drone “sat” over a military post and the soldiers threw … stones instead of shooting it down.

You can see the video and image below.

Yesterday, for the first time, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense announced that the armed forces shot down a drone after it violated the airspace of the Kinmen Islands, a short distance from the Chinese cities of Xiamen and Guangzhou.

In the press release released by Taiwan’s ministry, it added that it will continue to investigate the incident and monitor the airspace to guarantee its safety.

The drone entered Taiwan’s airspace near an islet just off the Chinese coast on Thursday, after the Taipei government vowed tough new measures to tackle a rise in such incursions.

The Defense Command for Kinmen (a group of islands controlled by Taiwan across from the Chinese cities of Xiamen and Guangzhou), said in a statement released by Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense that the drone entered restricted airspace over the Lion islet shortly after noon local time (7 am Greek time).

Troops on the islet tried to warn the drone to move away, but to no avail, so they shot it down, with the wreckage landing in the sea, Taiwan’s defense ministry added.

Threats and warning shots escalate
Taiwan’s government has said it will exercise the right to “self-defense and counterattack” if Chinese armed forces enter its territory, as Beijing steps up military activities in the straits that separate China from Taiwan.

Taiwanese military officials said China’s military patrols near Taiwan continued and that Beijing intended to make the Taiwan Strait that separates the two sides “its internal sea.”

“For aircraft and ships entering our 12-nautical-mile sea and air territory, the national military will exercise the right of self-defense and counterattack without exception, ” Lin Weng Huang, Taiwan’s deputy chief of the general staff, told reporters.

“The military will exercise the same right to strike back at Chinese drones that do not heed these warnings, ” Lin added.

Taiwan fired warning shots at a Chinese drone for the first time yesterday, August 31, shortly after President Tsai Ing Wen ordered the military to take “strong countermeasures” against what it called Chinese provocations.

Taiwan’s military said it fired warning shots again today against Chinese drones that approached the Kinmen Islands, which lie directly opposite the Chinese cities of Xiamen and Quanzhou.

The Kinmen archipelago, where the latest incident occurred, is just 10 kilometers from China’s coast and nearly 190 kilometers from Taiwan, whose military has controlled it since Taiwan split from mainland China.

The Tribulation is commencing…

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