CSTO to engage: Azerbaijanis pound Armenians with Harop and Bayraktar TB2 – Death toll at 200 – S-300 destroyed – Iran moves forces – WarNews247..



Yerevan has accused Azerbaijani troops of seizing Armenian territory

Yerevan has officially requested military aid from the Collective Security Treaty Organization – a Russian-led defense bloc, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan told parliament on Wednesday. The development comes amid continued clashes on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Armenia and Azerbaijan are moving towards a general conflict after the 9-hour clashes that resulted in dozens of deaths on both sides. Azerbaijanis pound Armenian positions mainly with Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones and Israeli IAI Harop UAVs.

As a result of the strikes, the Armenians lost two S-300 5P85 gunners and a 5N63S radar while they have dozens of dead. Officially, Armenia speaks of 49 dead, but different sources report that the number of casualties from both sides has doubled and now amounts to 200-250.

Currently, it is known that Azerbaijani troops have already carried out more than 150 strikes on the territory of Armenia, using artillery, missiles, UAVs, as well as kamikaze drones. At the same time, the Russian Ministry of Defense has not yet confirmed the data that the Russian army was put on alert.

The two countries are at their worst point since 2020. Iran has begun moving military equipment north to the Armenia-Iran and Azerbaijan-Iran borders while Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has said a new war in the South Caucasus is unacceptable stressing that Iran closely monitors developments

The Ministry of Defense of Armenia reported that since 8 am, the Azerbaijani army has been shelling the republic’s territory using various types of weapons.

At night, the enemy used offensive drones in the direction of Jermuk. From 08:00, the enemy uses artillery, mortars and heavy weapons in the direction of Jermuk and Verin Shorzha, shelling both military and civilian infrastructure.

The Armenian Armed Forces are taking all necessary actions, fulfilling the tasks assigned to them ,” the Armenian Ministry of Defense said.

Due to the criticality of the situation, a special mission of the CSTO headed by the Secretary General of the organization Stanislav Zas is going to Armenia

The main objective of the CSTO mission will be to assess the situation in the border zone with Azerbaijan, prepare a report to the heads of the CSTO member states and develop proposals for de-escalation, as Armenia believes that the Azerbaijani army attacked in the country, which is one of the reasons for using CSTO defense mechanisms.

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