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Turkish military leaders at all levels discuss the developments with Greece and conclude that “a limited or total conflict with Greece is now justified”.

According to a Turkish publication, the Turkish military chiefs are discussing all Greek-Turkish disputes such as the “disputed islands” in the Aegean (Turkish claims on Greek territory), the increasing penetration of Greek aircraft into the territorial waters of the Aegean Sea, and the operation of the Russian S -300 against the aircraft of the Turkish Air Force, as the radars of these missiles “locked” the Turkish aircraft.

Turkish media reports specifically:

“The conflict with Greece is justified”

Certainly, Turkish military leaders’ discussion of the possibility of a limited war or an all-out war with Greece is entirely justified, as the US government has deliberately created a kind of undue tension between the two neighboring countries by stockpiling weapons at US bases located in Greek territory in addition to supplying the Greek army with vast quantities of offensive and defensive weapons.

Also, France’s supportive activity has caused more Greek conflicts with Turkey, as it constantly intervenes in the leadership of Athens to prevent any communication between the Greeks and the Turks and frustrates the successes that had been made in previous dialogues.

The war with Greece will affect Turkey’s neighbors

The Greeks know, as well as the Turks, that any armed conflicts, regardless of their size and fragmentation, will not be isolated from the current international situation in the north and east of the continent, and I mean the Russian and Ukrainian war and will directly affect Turkey’s movements on its eastern and southern borders should Turkey need it to defend its borders and national security.

From this beginning, Turkey for the sake of politics at home and the protection of her entity by protecting her borders, has been possessed by the assessment of old and renewed disputes, and these disputes which have continued for nearly a century have been and still are as ticking time bombs ready to explode after pressing their timing buttons by certain countries, even to make us feel that these disputed (…) islands were the cause of disputes whenever their proxies want it.

The aim is to harm the interests of Turkey

Thus, the challenge of the conflict between Turkey and Greece is to completely distract Turkey from its tasks and interests, and regional conflicts are the most dangerous for the Turks, because these conflicts and instability will directly affect the their interests. This is because Turkey’s interests are stability as it is in the entire region especially in Iraq (note with the Kurds), the Arab countries, even the Balkans, the Arabian Gulf, the Red Sea and Africa.

The Tribulation is commencing..

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