Unprecedented anger in Russia: They are asking for the “heads” A/GETHA and S. Soigu – Russian analysts: “Now the real war begins – End of humanitarianism, 20 million Ukrainians will leave” – ​​WarNews247


A boiling cauldron is Russia and the country’s military with the Council of the State Duma (Lower House) considering the possibility of summoning Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to ask him questions in a closed session, the Russian newspaper Kommersant wrote today, citing well-known deputy Sergei Mironov.

It is only a matter of time before there are sweeping changes in the staff of the Russian Armed Forces. S. Soigu together with AGEETHA V. Gerasimov and the military administration of the Western region will leave. According to information, the changes have already begun. The leadership of the Western Military District has been replaced.

Indicative of the situation is what is heard on Russian television. Russian analysts and military experts are now openly admitting failure and calling for immediate drastic changes. And the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Secret Services of the country are charged with the failure.

It is noted that it is almost unheard of for the State Duma to call a defense minister to account for himself. However, Russia’s armed forces have been openly criticized by military commentators this week after they lost control of large parts of Ukraine’s Kharkiv region following a lightning advance by Ukrainian forces.

Mironov, who is a staunch supporter of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and head of the small pro-Kremlin Just Russia party, reportedly said the State Duma Council that manages the chamber’s business would discuss the issue on Monday.

Mironov in his post on Twitter today wrote that his party proposed holding a meeting with Shoigu’s participation “where MPs will be able to talk with him behind closed doors and ask him all the questions that interest us and the citizens.”

“Humanity is over – Now the real war begins”
Senator Igor Morozov emphasized:

“The phase of conducting a special military operation with Ukraine and the collective West has ended.

Today we must understand that the real war now begins. We can show no mercy to anyone anymore.

The people we thought we were coming to liberate, that we thought we would go to Kyiv and other cities, that they would wait for us and welcome us, they were brainwashed. Look who we are fighting in the East, the Russian world.

We must change our perception, with which we entered this special military operation.

All of them are fighting us. We cannot think about who we can protect. We must protect Russia.

We must save our people and do everything we can to destroy the West.

This is now real, open, modern warfare.

The Russian people demand a victory. Victory must be achieved at any cost. The Russian people demand tough, immediate answers.

We have been showing humanity for a long time. But humanity is over

Appearing on state television’s 60 Minutes on Wednesday, military expert Igor Korotchenko said:

“This is a new reality, so we must now act fast, hard and uncompromising.

First of all, we must escalate our strikes against critical infrastructure in such a way that one area after another, Ukraine is plunged into darkness…

By December, 20 million Ukrainians will have to flee to the West, to the European Union. This is our goal and the task we have to complete.”

Perhaps we should state openly: ‘Go away. Zelensky is turning this area into a real hell. No one knows what will happen here next. Twenty million, go to Europe.”

After that, we plunge area by area into darkness. This is our enemy nation, the modern Third Reich, and we must act accordingly.”

On Monday, appearing on The Evening With Vladimir Solovyov, Andrey Sidorov, associate dean of global politics at Moscow State University, said:

“The rules of war, according to international conventions, are advisory in nature: not to hit [certain objects] if possible. But it is no longer possible.”

Appearing on The Meeting Place on Monday, Bogdan Bezpalko, a member of the Council on International Relations under the President of the Russian Federation, argued:

“In terms of what needs to be done, as I said before, we need to hit the infrastructure — which cannot be separated into military and political.

If all of Ukraine is plunged into cold and darkness, if they have no fuel, the reserve armies will not help them and no one will be able to deliver equipment or ammunition… These strikes must continue for two, three, five or six months in series, without leaving any gas station untouched.”

Konstantin Zatulin, deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS, told 60 Minutes:

This military operation—or this war—is entering another phase… The idea that we could achieve victory with little blood is now a thing of the past… Last week, there was a widespread message—everywhere, except our television — that it is no time for celebration, while we are experiencing difficulties and failures on the battle front, while we are retreating… We are thinking about what they will do. We have to overcome it because victory is our only option.”

Professor Alexei Fenenko, chief researcher at the Institute for International Security Studies, tried to pin the blame on the United States. With images of the ruins of the city of Mosul playing on the screen, Fenenko said:

“After February 24, they expected us to do this in key cities of Ukraine. Then they would say, “Yeah, these guys are strong.”

Fenenko argued that in order to be respected by the United States, Russia must reduce much of Ukraine to rubble. He said America respects only those who can inflict devastating damage on their adversaries:

“Either you can do this to your enemies, or you’re nobody. If you can’t do that, you’re a coward and a loser.”

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