Serbian President: “We are headed for a global military conflict the world has never seen before” – Emergency plan with KFOR reservists sent to Kosovo! – WarNews247.

The president of Serbia, A. Vucic, confirmed the bad developments marked by Russia’s first mobilization since World War II as he declared that we are heading for a Third World War and in 1-2 months there will be a military conflict on such a scale that the world has not seen since 1945!

It is no coincidence that NATO is very worried about the Balkans and a possible flare-up in Kosovo and also in Bosnia and Herzegovina. That is why he is calling in reserve forces assigned to his peacekeeping mission KFOR in Kosovo and talking about “activating an emergency plan”.

If Russia proceeds with general mobilization and sends reinforcements to Serbia, then it opens a second front in NATO and the EU.

The President of Russia, V.Putin, met on Tuesday with Milorad Dodik, a member of the Presidential Council of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

We know you as a friend of our country and I am glad to see you and have the opportunity to discuss the situation in the region and our bilateral relations with you, ” Putin told Dodik at a meeting in Moscow

For his part, Dodik said the meeting with Putin was “an important event for him” and that he is committed to working with Russia.

We are a small community and the fact is that staying in touch with you strengthens our position, ” he added.

During a rare visit by a politician from Europe to Moscow, the Russian president praised his country’s “strategic partnership” with Serbia.

Bosnia has a general election on October 2, in which Dodik is running for the Bosnian Serb presidency.

“Elections are approaching and I wish you success, ” Putin said, according to a transcript of the conversation published by Bosnian media.

“I hope that it will be so, after the results of the vote, that the position of the patriotic forces will be strengthened, which will allow us to develop further fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.”

On the eve of his visit to Moscow, Dodik gave an interview to Russia’s state news agency TASS, where he reiterated his separatist views but also supported Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“For many years the West did not react to the extermination of the Russian population in Ukraine, there were daily killings and bombings in Donbass ,” Dodik argued in the interview. “All this was clear and Russia was forced to respond.”

Putin also sent a separate message to Serbia and its president Aleksandar Vucic on Tuesday.

“Russia and Serbia are linked by a strategic partnership, ” Putin said, according to Serbian media. ” I regularly speak with President Vucic during personal meetings and phone conversations on key issues for the further development of cooperation.”

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