Armageddon: Russia prepared a special nuclear weapon for use in Ukraine – Electromagnetic pulse will “cook” the equipment – What the US-NATO are considering – WarNews247.

Psalm 91 Jesus Christ my Savior – Warning Message – 19th and 24th (Julian Calendar Sept 24th = Oct 7th) = Yom Kippur on the Torah

The clock is ticking down on the use of a tactical nuclear weapon on the battlefield in Ukraine. According to reports, Western and US intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia will detonate a “special tactical nuclear weapon” in Ukraine.

The questions that concern NATO are whether Russia will use only one or more tactical nuclear bombs, how powerful they will be, and how it should respond after NATO.

Humanity is entering the most critical period. Everyone is now focusing on what will happen and how the USA and NATO will react immediately after the use of this special tactical nuclear weapon.

Analysts say Moscow will likely use one or more “tactical” nuclear bombs or nuclear warhead bombs.

These are small weapons, ranging from 0.3 kilotons to 100 kilotons of explosive yield, compared to the 1.2 megatons of the largest US strategic warhead or the 58 megaton bomb tested by Russia in 1961.

Tactical bombs are designed to have limited impact on the battlefield, compared to strategic nuclear weapons that are designed to fight and win all wars

Electromagnetic pulse will disable electronic equipment

Western analysts say Russia’s goal in using a tactical nuclear bomb on Ukraine would be to scare it into surrendering or submit to negotiations and divide the country’s Western supporters.

Mark Cancian, a military expert at the CSIS International Security Program in Washington, said Russia would likely not use nuclear weapons on the front line.

Holding 20 miles (32 km) of land could require 20 small nuclear bombs, small gains for the enormous risks of introducing nuclear weapons and nuclear fallout.

“Using just one will not be enough ,” Cancian said.

Moscow could instead send a strong message and avoid significant casualties by detonating a nuclear bomb over water or high above Ukraine to create an electromagnetic pulse that would disable Ukrainian electronic equipment.

This scenario is also the most likely.

Or Russia could choose greater disaster: attack a Ukrainian military base or strike an urban center like Kyiv, causing mass casualties and possibly killing the country’s political leadership.

Such scenarios “were likely designed to fracture the NATO alliance and global consensus against Putin,” Jon Wolfsthal, a former White House nuclear policy expert, wrote on Substack on Friday.

But “it is unclear whether it will succeed and it could just as easily be seen as desperation as determination,” he said.

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