New genetically engineered herpes virus kills cancer cells (Deadly Gene Therapy )

A genetically modified version of the herpes virus has shown great potential in treating advanced cancers, according to a report by the Institute of Cancer Research in London published on Thursday.

A promising therapy

Although the treatment is still in early trials, researchers have found that RP2, a modified version of the herpes simplex virus, managed to kill cancer cells in a quarter of patients. The patients had cancers so advanced and complicated that they had run out of treatments to try.

“Our study shows that a genetically engineered, cancer-killing virus can deliver a one-two punch against tumors – directly destroying cancer cells from within while also calling in the immune system against them,” study leader Kevin Harrington, Professor of Biological Cancer Therapies at The Institute of Cancer Research, said in the statement.

He added that it was rare to see such positive responses in early-stage clinical trials, whose primary aim is to test for the safety of a treatment.

“Our initial trial findings suggest that a genetically engineered form of the herpes virus could potentially become a new treatment option for some patients with advanced cancers – including those who haven’t responded to other forms of immunotherapy,” Harrington explained.

“I am keen to see if we continue to see benefits as we treat increased numbers of patients.”

The newly-engineered RP2 virus is injected directly into the tumors where it functions in two ways. First, it multiplies inside cancer cells to burst them from within, effectively wiping them out.

Second,it blocks a protein known as CTLA-4 – releasing the brakes on the immune system and increasing its ability to kill cancer cells.

Finally, RP2 has also been modified to produce molecules called GM-CSF and GALV-GP-R, which give the virus additional capabilities to spark the immune system into action against cancer.

Out of nine patients treated with RP2, three saw their tumors shrink and one even saw his cancer disappear completely. He continues to remain cancer-free five months after starting treatment.

Adjuvant therapy may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, or biological therapy
A GMCSF-neuroantigen fusion protein is a potent tolerogen in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) that is associated with efficient targeting of neuroantigen to APC
Cytokine-NAg fusion proteins represent an emerging platform for specific targeting of self-antigen to particular APC subsets as a means to achieve antigen-specific immunological tolerance.

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