Heightened vigilance in Baltic: Russia to strike NATO energy targets-Poland: “We thank the US for the explosions in Nord Stream” – WarNews247


Global alarm has been sounded after the explosions in the Russian Nord Stream pipelines. The former Minister of National Defense and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland in a stupid move – even if true – thanked the US for the explosions in the Russian pipelines.

It is certain that Moscow, whether the US did it or not, has a unique opportunity: It can now accuse NATO of attacking Russian assets, which brings the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine even closer as an “example to the whole world.” Atlantic Alliance and Europe”.

At the same time, sabotaging Nord Stream, if done by Russia, implies an escalation towards the EU. Within the spectrum of hybrid threats, Russia has moved from hybrid intervention in the Baltic Sea region to hybrid operations (HOPS) as a prelude to regular military operations.

And the occasion had been given months before with the American statements. See here B. Nuland’s threats to the Russian pipelines.

The explosions in the Nord Stream pipelines were so powerful that according to the latest information they were recorded as far as Hamar, Norway. This spot is 700 kilometers away from the eruption areas!

The concern is great throughout NATO and especially in the Nordic and Baltic countries. For this reason, the Minister of Defense of Denmark will have an emergency meeting tomorrow with the Secretary General of NATO, G. Stolldeberg. Norway’s energy minister revealed that “the level of security at all energy facilities has increased.”

The representative of the ED of Sweden emphasized that “the incident with the Russian natural gas pipeline is of course serious. The armed forces are monitoring developments and analyzing what has happened. Cooperation is being carried out with the Swedish authorities and other countries. The armed forces do not exclude anything”.

The Danish Prime Minister emphasized ” Let me just add here that what happened in the last 24 hours in the Baltic Sea in Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 is deeply disturbing.”

Coincidences – There will be Russian retaliation
There are 3 coincidences that are troubling:

-The Russian pipelines were hit on the day that Poland, Denmark, Norway were launching a new pipeline, the “Baltic Pipe” that competes with Nord Stream. This pipeline aims to disconnect Europe from Russian natural gas.

-Also the Russian pipelines were hit while the big NATO exercise in the Baltic named Ramstein Alloy was starting

The CIA had informed Germany days before of an imminent strike on the Nord Stream pipelines!

Therefore, whether Russia did it itself or not, it can now retaliate and hit Norwegian oil facilities or the “Baltic Pipeline” itself, causing energy chaos in the EU.

Shortly before the explosions in Nord Stream, the President of Poland and the Prime Ministers of Poland and Denmark inaugurated the Baltic Pipe which will transport 10 billion cubic meters of Norwegian natural gas to Poland every year and allow Warsaw to become 100% independent from Russian gas.

Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki emphasized:

“The era of Russian gas dominance is over”

“The opening of the Baltic gas pipeline, which will start supplying natural gas on Saturday, October 1, took place in the city of Goleniów in northwestern Poland.

I state with absolute confidence that the period of Russian domination of the natural gas field, characterized by blackmail and threats, is coming to an end.

The Baltic pipeline means freedom from today. It will become a conduit for independence, security and peace.”

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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