Turkey has charted a course towards the abyss: Erdogan convenes the SEA for a naval blockade of Greek islands – H. Akar’s midnight meeting with the Chiefs of Staff – WarNews247


The Turkish National Security Council is convened today by R.T.Erdogan, one day after the convocation of the Council of Ministers with the central topic of discussion being Greece and the Aegean islands.

Turkey has charted a course towards the abyss: Erdogan has decided to impose (will try to) a naval blockade on Greek islands which, according to Turkish logic, should be demilitarized.

Erdogan will justify this action by talking about “legitimate defense”

The purpose of the Turks will be to not allow the entry or exit of ships and planes carrying Army forces without excluding the blockade of civilian ships in order to increase the pressure on Greece.

From there, the ball “rolls” and comes to Greece, which will have to either agree to negotiations and discussions or use force to lift the Turkish naval blockade.

It is not impossible for the Turks to accompany the naval blockade with a landing force on an islet or rocky islet that does not have sufficient protection in combination with an attack by thousands of foreigners on the Evros.

Indicative of the criticality of the moment is the midnight meeting of the Turkish Foreign Minister H. Akar with the Chiefs of Staff for Greece.

The meeting took place yesterday shortly after midnight. Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, Chief of the General Staff General Yasar Guler held a conference call with force commanders, deputy ministers and unit commanders.

Turkey’s steps:

-A meeting of the Turkish Council of Ministers regarding the Greek islands took place yesterday.

– Today there will be a meeting of the Security Council of Turkey (SC), chaired by Erdogan. The main topic of discussion at the Turkish SEA will be the Greek islands and their “demilitarization”. The Turkish Generals will discuss the economic, political and military measures that Turkey can take.

They will also discuss a third letter which has been prepared and will be sent to the UN. The letter talks about the “militarization of the Greek islands” and will raise the issue of their sovereignty.

– The Turks will consider scenarios of imposing a “naval blockade” on Greek islands.

– The delivery of a new ultimatum to Greece will be considered, which may be accompanied by the recall of the Turkish ambassador from Athens.

-Yesterday was preceded by the visit to the Greek ambassador and the official protest in the USA. These moves together with the sending of a 3rd letter to the UN constitute an escalation of the strategic internationalization of the issue.

-Turkey believes it is holding NATO and the US “prisoners”. It has not proceeded to ratify the Accession Protocols of the two Nordic states, Sweden-Finland. He is not going to do that before the US midterms on November 8th. It is not excluded that he will delay it even more depending on the developments in Greek-Turkish.

This is also the time of the start of the Greek-Turkish crisis

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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