Russia Mass Fire: US Blows Up Nord Stream Pipelines – Dismantles Germany & Brings Poland in as a Continental Great Power” – WarNews247

The world has entered a new phase of escalation of the global energy war after the Russian pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2 were blown up. Russian analysts of the powerful Russian International Affair Counci appear confident that the blowing up of the pipelines was a plan executed by the US.

The goal is the geopolitical degradation, if not the dissolution of Germany and the rise of Poland as a continental Great Power.

We remind you that yesterday, as reported by WarNews247, shortly before the explosions in Nord Stream, the President of Poland and the Prime Ministers of Poland and Denmark inaugurated the Baltic Pipe pipeline which will transport 10 billion cubic meters of Norwegian natural gas to Poland every year and enable Warsaw to become 100% independent of Russian gas.

A few days ago, Poland demanded a mammoth 1.3 trillion euros in reparations from Germany for World War II.

What will ultimately be left of today’s Germany?

RIAC: Poland Now a Crucial Energy Hub – Russo-German Relations Severed

As the Russian International Affairs Council reports, this “terrorist attack” on Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines destroyed any possibility of a Russia-Germany energy rapprochement and immediately catapulted Poland into the position of one of the continent’s most pivotal energy hubs, thereby driving the plans of the Anglo-American Axis to divide and rule Europe to the next level.

The attack does indeed serve Poland’s greater interests for this very reason, even if she was probably not behind what happened or had prior knowledge of it, suspicion must fall on her Anglo-American Axis allies.

Both have an interest in dividing and ruling the EU by facilitating the rise of Poland as a continental Great Power capable of eventually competing with the bloc’s de facto German leader (at least in Central and Eastern Europe.

Aiming to take Germany out of the geopolitical and geoeconomic game for good, the Axis must not only successfully trick Germany into “suicide” economically through its compliance with anti-Russian sanctions, but also destroy any possibility of a meaningful strategic rapprochement with Russia in the future.

Sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines accomplishes just that, completely preventing Germany from sticking to any energy plans it may have for the eventual restoration of relations with Russia.

There is no doubt that the Anglo-American Axis is benefiting the most from the ecological, terrorist attack carried out in the Baltic Sea against the two Nord Stream pipelines.

Both countries are far from the consequences of the ecological disaster they created and are thus able to advance their major strategic goals without any cost to themselves.

This terrorist attack destroyed any possibility of a Russo-German energy rapprochement, immediately catapulted Poland into the position of one of the continent’s most pivotal energy hubs, and thus took its plans to divide and rule Europe to the next level.

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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