Western media rages: NATO informs member countries of imminent Russian nuclear strike – “Putin has decided” – WarNews247


According to British media, NATO has reportedly already notified its members that the nuclear strike has already been decided by Vladimir Putin who is in a nuclear bunker outside Moscow.

The scenario published by the Daily Mail is made even scarier as Putin (whose birthday is on Friday) has warned his immediate family – including Alina Kabaeva – that they may soon be ordered to evacuate the areas they live in with final destination the shelter he is in.

The same will happen with members of the Russian government. The Daily Mail article emphasizes, in fact, that it is possible that this refuge is in Siberia, that is, where he spent the first hours (or even days) after the announcement of the annexation of four regions of southeastern Ukraine to Russia.

Putin is believed to have several hideouts in Siberia, one of which is said to be linked to the massive new energy storage terminal at Sabeta, on the Yamal Peninsula, and the other in the Altai Mountains

A senior defense source, however, said a more likely demonstration of Putin’s readiness to use nuclear weapons could take place in the Black Sea, according to the Times.

What may be of particular interest is that, as the Daily Mail always reports, according to the Telegram channel General SVR, not all of Russia’s leadership were equally lucky.

For example, Putin ordered, in the event of a nuclear threat, to remove the minimum necessary of Russian officials,” he says characteristically. This will include Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and Parliament Speaker Yaroslav Volodin. The Prosecutor General, Security Council leadership, but not former President Dmitry Medvedev, as well as key officials from the presidential administration and three security and intelligence services (FSB, FSO, SVR) and their families will have a place in Putin’s bunker .

As for Russian Defense Ministry officials, they can take refuge in ministry bunkers, some of which are located in the Ural Mountains.

According to estimates by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), Russia has 5,977 nuclear warheads. However, around 1,500 have been retired and are due to be dismantled, but still Russia is believed to have more nuclear weapons than any other country.

The Tribulation is commencing…

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