Preparations for “nuclear emergencies” in the USA – T.Biden: “We risk Armageddon – Russia is not joking” – WarNews247

First time since Cuban missile crisis world’s facing direct nuclear threat – Biden

US President Joe Biden delivered the most serious warning since Vladimir Putin’s threats to use nuclear weapons as Russian forces retreat from a large part of the territory they seized in the previous months in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin “isn’t kidding when he talks about the possible use of tactical nuclear or biological or chemical weapons” because the Russian military “one could say is not doing so well in war,” the US president said.

In fact, wanting to make it clear how close we are to the tragic consequences of a nuclear strike, Joe Biden said that “we haven’t faced the possibility of Armageddon since the Kennedy era and the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

“For the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) we have the threat of using nuclear weapons if things continue as they are.

Are we trying to figure out what Putin’s exit is? Where does he look for a way out?

Where will he be when he not only loses but loses a significant part of his power?’ the US president added in his greeting during a midterm election fundraiser in New York.

Earlier on Thursday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that Putin realizes that “the world will never forgive him” for a Russian nuclear strike. “He understands that after the use of nuclear weapons he will not be able to maintain his life, to put it elegantly, and I am sure of that, ” added the Ukrainian president.

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