Ukraine behind terrorist attack on Crimean Bridge – Putin

Πυκνά μαύρα σύννεφα πάνω από το Κίεβο- Β.Πούτιν: Ουκρανοί τρομοκράτες πίσω από την έκρηξη στη Γέφυρα της Κριμαίας – Κακή εξέλιξη…

Ukrainian intelligence is behind the deadly attack on the Crimean Bridge, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday following a report by the head of the national Investigative Committee, Aleksandr Bastrykin.

The attack was organized by the Ukrainian security services, which were “aided” by some Russian and foreign nationals, according to Bastrykin. The Investigative Committee head also said that the Federal Security Service (FSB) had identified suspects in the blast.

The attack on the bridge was aimed at Russia’s “critical infrastructure,” Bastrykin said, adding that it was “an act of terrorism.”

According to Bastrykin, the truck that exploded on the bridge had arrived in Russia from Bulgaria through Georgia and Armenia.

This was a terrorist act organized by the Ukrainian security services. It was aimed at destroying a major civilian infrastructure facility.

“So, as you just reported, there is no doubt,” Putin said. “It was ordered, planned and carried out by the Ukrainian security services.”

“The Ukrainian security services, as well as citizens of Russia and foreign countries who helped organize this terrorist attack,” Bastrykin clarified.

The attack, which took place early on Saturday, saw a truck exploding on the Crimean Bridge. A part of the highway bridge collapsed in the blast and seven fuel tanks on a train heading towards Crimea through a nearby railway bridge caught fire.

At least three people were killed in the incident. The explosion led to a temporary halt of both road and railway traffic, although both had resumed by Saturday evening. Ukraine stopped short of taking responsibility for the attack, although it was celebrated on social media by the country’s Security Service (SBU) and Defense Ministry.

Thick dark clouds over Kiev – B.Putin: Ukrainian terrorists behind the explosion on the Crimean Bridge – Bad development…

The president of Russia, V. Putin, officially accused Ukraine of terrorism, adding that the executors and planners of the terrorist sabotage attack on the Crimean bridge were the secret services and special forces of the Ukrainian army.

Characterizing the actions of the Ukrainians as terrorist means that the war is escalating. Now Russian forces will target the political and military leadership of Ukraine who plan and direct terrorist acts according to Moscow.

Nightmarish times are likely ahead for Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities.

B. Putin during a meeting with the chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin said:

“This is clearly a terrorist act.

There is no doubt.

It is a terrorist attack aimed at destroying Russia’s critical civilian infrastructure,” he stressed.

As the head of the Investigative Committee explained, the organization of the explosion involved both the Ukrainian secret services, special units of the army, as well as citizens of Russia and foreign countries.

According to Bastrykin, the interrogations are ongoing.

” All available evidence indicates that this was a terrorist act aimed at destroying an important civilian infrastructure.

We have already determined the route of the truck where the explosion occurred.

These are Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, North Ossetia, Krasnodar…

Carriers have been located.

With the help of operational officers of the FSB, we managed to identify suspects among those who could prepare a terrorist attack,” Bastrykin explained while briefing the Russian president.

Convocation of the Security Council

At the same time, the Russian president ordered the convening of the Security Council of Russia in the wake of the deadly explosion on the Kerch bridge

As the Russian president’s representative told the TASS news agency , “the president will have a meeting with the permanent members of the Security Council.”

It is noted that Russian President Putin holds regular meetings with the Security Council, usually on a weekly basis, however we should not overlook the fact that this development comes at a critical time for the Kremlin.

“The Security Council is scheduled for Monday, October 10, 2022.

We will focus on the issues after the president speaks,” N. Peskov said in response to the question of when the Security Council meeting will take place and whether it will affect the emergency situation on the Crimean bridge.”

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