B.Putin to S.Surovikin: Bury the Ukrainians in Kherson if the Kakhovskaya dam is hit – Studies show the region’s extinction! – WarNews247



The Russian Commander-in-Chief and commander of the Russian forces in Ukraine, Sergei Surovikin, has received clear orders from B.Putin to bury the Ukrainians if they dare to blow up the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant in Kherson, which will cause incalculable destruction.

For this reason, B. Putin both with martial law and with the evacuation “untied the hands” of S. Surovikin as Russia and Ukraine are heading to a decisive period for the course of the war.

S.Surovikin can now use whatever he wants as he wants. All information converges on the fact that Kherson is expected to be leveled.

According to the Russians:

1. The West is pressuring Zelensky to take Kherson at any cost before the US elections. If he doesn’t succeed, they at least want him to have “set foot” in the city.

2. The Ukrainians must occupy Kherson so that it does not become a Russian military base for a new offensive campaign. The aim is to protect the Nikolaev-Odessa region and prevent Russia from gaining access to the border with Transnistria/Moldova

3. For Zelensky, this battle is still a matter of life and death. The Ukrainians will not forgive him the loss of Odessa and Nikolaev. Therefore, huge forces are now concentrated on the southern front.

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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