Imminent use of nukes by Russia: “Emergency trip for an unimaginable issue” of the British Ministry of Defense. in the US – Preparing humanitarian forces – WarNews247

Pastor Jerry Toney

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace is making an emergency trip to the US on the subject of Russia’s imminent use of nuclear weapons. Developments are running at breakneck pace and now humanity is very close to something that would have seemed unimaginable a few months ago.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace canceled his appearance before the House of Commons Defense Committee on Tuesday and went to the US for “emergency meetings” at the Pentagon and the White House .

Defense Secretary James Heappey said Mr Wallace met his US counterpart for “the kind of talks that [are] really beyond belief, that we are at a time when these kinds of talks are necessary”. .

All indications are that the British Foreign Ministry flew to the US, rather than using secure communications. The Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom also admitted it. Therefore we are talking about the use of nuclear…

There are three points that Britons and Americans will debate:

  • Imminent use of nukes by Russia
  • Providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine immediately after the use of nuclear weapons. There are reports of forces entering Lviv for humanitarian reasons
  • Possible retaliatory measures by Russia for strikes on the Nord Stream pipelines

The situation is extremely extreme. A while ago, Jordan also ordered its nationals to leave Ukraine as quickly as possible.

Imminent nuclear use by Russia
In the last few hours:

We have the interview of the Russian General S.Surovikin. Russian politician and journalist, Yegor Kholmogorov commented on Sergey Surovikin’s statement saying:

“I understood Surovikin quite clearly: Ukraine and the West received a message that Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons on the steppes on its constitutional territory.

In other words, Biden and Zelensky understand that the Ukraine victory scenario is simply not among Russia’s options.

Nuclear war is here. There is the exclusion zone. There are negotiations. But there is simply no victory for Ukraine on the cards.”

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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