All Russia-US communication channels cut off: Polish preparations for war – Movement of strong forces on border (vid) – WarNews247..

Large movements of American and Polish forces with Abrams and TOMA tanks are recorded on the borders with Belarus and Ukraine with the Russian ambassador revealing that all channels of communication with the US have been cut.

The intervention of the Russian ambassador is of great importance as the Polish-Ukrainian-Belarusian border will be “on fire” in the next period of time. All countries are gathering forces towards Western Ukraine.

We remind you, as WarNews247 revealed yesterday, that the Russian Foreign Minister S. Lavrov emphasized that “Russia sees no point in maintaining a diplomatic presence in the West”. Therefore, it is not excluded that Russia and the USA will end up recalling ambassadors.

The Ambassador of Russia in Washington, Anatoly Antonov, specifically stated:

“There are no channels of communication between Washington and Moscow for de-escalation, such as those that prevented a nuclear war between the two countries 60 years ago.

Communications between Russia and the United States were destroyed through Washington’s fault.

Washington has long crossed all the red lines set by Russia.

Under the current conditions, a return to the previous form of relations between Russia and the West is impossible.

For ideological reasons, the United States intends to create alliances to oppose the Russian Federation and China in various fields.

The United States should abandon irresponsible nuclear rhetoric, there can be no winners in a nuclear conflict.

The countries (USA and Russia), despite the difficulties, are not yet(!) on the verge of a nuclear conflict”.

Minister of Defense of Belarus: Poland is preparing forces

The political course followed by Poland shows clear signs of war and not defense, said the Minister of Defense of Belarus, Lt. Gen. Khrenin.

The Belarusian minister noted that the militarization of the neighboring states is progressing at an accelerated pace.

“First of all, Poland, whose political course shows Warsaw’s preparation for a war that is not at all defensive.

Preparations have begun for not one, as reported, but two additional mechanized divisions of the ground forces.

At the same time, an additional section will also be located in the eastern part of the country near the city of Bialystok.

The structure of the Polish territorial defense forces is also changing.

Ten battalions of territorial troops will appear on the border with the Republic of Belarus,” he continued.

He added that in order to expand the military formations of the NATO forces, the military infrastructure is being developed at an accelerated pace on the territory of neighboring states.

The Tribulation is commencing…

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