Defiant Zelensky calls for WW3: ‘If the Russians hit me in Kyiv, then the West should bomb the Kremlin’ (vid) – WarNews247

The Ukrainian president V. Zelensky appeared provocatively, who asked the West to strike the Kremlin if the Russian army attacks the presidential palace in Kyiv.

More specifically, the Ukrainian president, in an interview with the Canadian CTV and CBC networks, asked “the West” to hit the “Russian decision-making center” in retaliation.

If you hit Bankova, (the street where the presidential palace is located in the center of Kyiv) then there will be a hit where you are.

The one who gives orders to kill people, if you do that you should know that in a second, regardless of the outcome of your strike, there will be a strike in your decision-making center, in your country,” he said in an interview with CTV and CBC networks.

Damage to the energy infrastructure

The president of Ukraine said that Russia has launched strikes on the country’s infrastructure on a very large scale and added that the Ukrainian military will further improve its already very good performance in shooting down Russian missiles and drones with the help of Ukraine’s allies. .

“The geographical scale of these latest mass casualties is very wide ,” Volodymyr Zelensky said in an evening video message, specifying that areas of western, central and southern Ukraine had been affected.

“Of course we do not have the technical capabilities to shoot down 100% of Russian missiles and drones. I am sure that, gradually, we will succeed, with the help of our allies. Already now, we are shooting down the majority of cruise missiles, the majority of drones

“Of course we do not have the technical capabilities to shoot down 100% of Russian missiles and drones.

Russian missiles pounded energy and other infrastructure in Ukraine on Saturday, resulting in a complete power outage in many areas, as Kyiv announced, while the Russian occupation authorities in Kherson called on citizens to leave the region.

The Tribulation is commencing…

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