Russian Army Signal: Nuclear Explosion Imminent – Radioactivity Will Cover Poland – Radiation Forces ‘Red Alert’ – WarNews247

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In an emergency briefing, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that it has placed the Radiological, Chemical and Biological Protection (RCBZ) forces on red alert as either the explosion of a “dirty nuclear bomb” or the firing of a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine is imminent.

From the information released by the Russian Ministry of Defense, and unfortunately confirmed 100% by WarNews247, it appears that Moscow believes that Ukraine will detonate a tactical nuclear weapon as it states that radioactive substances will cover Poland and also spread into the atmosphere at a distance of and 1,500 kilometers.

So we are talking about something enhanced.

The question now is whether Article 5 of NATO will be activated if Poland is infected…

Additionally, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense:

1. Kakhovska Dam and Dnipro Dam will be blown up
2. A dirty nuclear bomb or tactical nuclear weapon will be detonated in Kherson
3. Six units of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant will be blown up

The Russians described the ultimate Apocalypse scenario.

Video: S. Lavrov’s statements on the matter

“We have information, specific information about the construction of a dirty bomb.” This information has been confirmed. Russian Foreign Minister S. Soigou held talks on the matter.

We see the reaction of the Western media, we are not surprised”

Russia: “We are in the final stage”

Russia said today that Ukraine has entered the “final stage” of building a “dirty bomb”. It is Moscow’s second warning since yesterday, Sunday, but which Kyiv and its Western allies reject.

“According to the information we have, two Ukrainian organizations have specific instructions to build the so-called ‘dirty bomb.’ Their work has entered the final stage, ” Major General Igor Kirillov, the Russian military’s head of radioactive substances, biological and chemical products, said in a statement.

As he said , “the purpose of this provocation is to accuse Russia of using weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine and thus launch a strong anti-Russian campaign in the world” , he said, estimating that Kiev mainly wants to “intimidate the local population and increase the flow of refugees across Europe”.

Kirillov referred to Zelensky’s speech in Munich last February, when he said he expressed his intention to restore Ukraine’s nuclear regime.

It is also noteworthy that during the special military operation Zelensky repeatedly called on NATO countries to carry out strikes on Russia, ” Kirillov said, recalling that on October 22, in an interview with Canadian television channels, Zelensky urged the world to hit the Kremlin if Russia hits the Ukrainian president’s office.

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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