Council of Russian Generals: They discussed the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine – To B.Putin for approval of the final proposal – WarNews247..

Full Armor of God Sherri – WW3 already started..Martial Law and lawlessness coming soon..

The issue of the use of tactical nuclear weapons on the war front was raised during talks held by Russian military officials, according to a report by the “New York Times” (NYT).

Russian officials have discussed when and how Moscow could use small nuclear weapons in Ukraine, raising concerns in Washington and its allies about a possible nuclear strike.

Notably, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not participate in the talks, which took place amid heightened rhetoric about Russia’s nuclear weapons and Russian military setbacks on the battlefield, the report said.

The talks have worried Joe Biden’s administration because they have shown how strained Moscow is by its failures on the battlefield in Ukraine, the paper said.

Having such a debate suggests that Vladimir Putin’s threats to use nuclear weapons may not be just words, “ the American newspaper writes.

But US officials have said they have no evidence that the Russians are moving nuclear weapons to their site or that they have taken other steps to prepare for a nuclear strike.

Information about the talks was released within the US government in mid-October. National Security Council official John F. Kirby declined to comment on “the specifics of this report.”

“We have been clear from the outset that Russia’s comments about the possible use of nuclear weapons are deeply troubling and we take them seriously, ” Mr Kirby said.

“We continue to monitor this as best we can and we see no indication that Russia is preparing for such a move.”

The Pentagon estimates that Russia has a stockpile of up to 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons, which are designed for use on battlefields to overwhelm conventional forces. No tactical nuclear weapon has ever been used in combat, but it could be deployed in a number of ways, including by a missile or using artillery.

Military experts say the use of a nuclear weapon — for the first time in more than 75 years — would fundamentally change the nature of warfare.

Although the resulting devastation will depend on many factors, including the size of the weapon and the winds, even a small nuclear explosion could cause thousands of deaths and render parts of Ukraine uninhabitable.

Putin has sole authority over whether to use a nuclear weapon and would make the decision to develop one regardless of the views of his generals.

The “New York Times” (NYT) report does not reveal what happened next as it is very likely that the Russian Generals came up with a specific plan which they submitted to B. Putin for approval.

In short, the countdown to the use of Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine has begun. This was seen since yesterday with the intervention of N. Medvedev and what he said about the activation of Article 19.

The Tribulation is commencing…

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