Alert in US: Russian submarines prepare to test ‘Poseidon’ nuclear supertorpedo – WarNews247

New concerns about Russia’s appetites on the “front” of Ukraine are caused by the revelations of a senior American official to CNN, who emphasized that his country’s intelligence services have observed Russian naval vessels preparing in recent weeks for a possible test of a new nuclear weapon. torpedo.

Among the vessels taking part in the preparations, according to the same source, was the Belgorod, a cruise missile submarine that has been modified for special operations and is capable of launching unmanned underwater vehicles, including the Poseidon super-torpedo.

Last week, Russian vessels were seen leaving the testing area in the Arctic Sea and returning to a Russian port without conducting a test. The US believes the Russians may have experienced technical difficulties and failed to carry out the test.

This can be seen as part of the bigger picture and Russia’s recent military practice of sending poorly trained and poorly equipped troops into Ukraine, ” a Western diplomat told CNN.

“Russia’s military industry is going through difficult times, and we can also see that Western sanctions on high-tech military goods are having an effect and should be continued.”

U.S. officials have said Russia could attempt to test the super-torpedo again, but note that the waters in the test area will soon begin to freeze, limiting the potential for operations.

The – possible – torpedo test will further inflame Russia’s tensions with the US at a time when Washington and its allies are watching very closely for any sign that Moscow may be preparing to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine .

The Poseidon torpedo is a nuclear unmanned underwater vehicle that can carry both conventional and nuclear munitions. Its nuclear propulsion system gives the Poseidon practically unlimited range.

The US does not believe any test would involve detonating a nuclear device. Any danger would come from a malfunction of the nuclear propulsion system, which could create risks from a radioactivity release.

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