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If you were not aware, Experian and I’m sure other background checking software is now calculating a social media score to determine if you are eligible for hire.

Keep in mind they were already testing alignment with your Digital Drivers Licenses in Utah in 2021, with vaccine records, financial records, social credit score and more.

I’m sure they are much farther in this NWO Agenda now.

See Experian Social Media Check Detail Below..

Almost every applicant, for every job role, has a sizeable social media presence. Spanning everything from well-known platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok, to more niche services like gaming sites. These accounts provide a wealth of information about an applicant’s beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.

You can learn a lot about an applicant from their social media profiles and activity. Not surprisingly, it’s becoming increasingly common for employers to review applicants’ social media footprints as part of the recruitment process. Social media checks are becoming an increasingly important tool in the armoury of any business to prevent risk as they evolve cultures and working practices. But are these reviews being done correctly, fairly and compliantly?

What is a social media check?

With so much changing in such a short space of time, from the omnipresence of social media in our lives, to changing workplaces and staff expectations, you need to be sure your employment practices are up to the challenge and ready for the opportunities. Seen in that light, social media checks aren’t just an issue for HR professionals, they should be on the radar of every business leader and board member.

Professional social media checks can help to give you the tools you need to keep pace and protect your organisation, brand, staff and customers; while attracting the best talent and boosting your reputation.

How do professional social media checks work?

A professional social media check reduces risks to brand, reputation, confidentiality breach and data security.

The check identifies a candidate’s online presence to look for negative behaviours such as bullying, racism, nudity and excessive bad language. It also identifies potential privacy issues, such as leaking information, and content that could potentially damage your organisation’s reputation.

A social media check is designed to complement the range of standard recruitment checks that employers usually carry out, from CV screening and references, to ID and criminal record checks. The checks complete the picture of an applicant, giving the employer valuable insight into how a person is likely to behave in the workplace.

As well as checking affiliations with proscribed organisations and groups linked to violence or extremism for example, a professional social media check also looks at how widely a candidate is connected and the risks posed by their connections, and any endorsement of illegal activity such as drugs, theft, weapons and fraud.

Experian professional social media checks use screening and online behaviour evaluation tools to fairly and objectively assess a candidate’s social media profile. Presented in an easy to interpret report, the social media check can highlight a potential risk to an employer, without breaching the trust of the candidate. It also provides confidence to an employer that a candidate isn’t a risk that could possibly damage their reputation, breach company policy, or have an adverse impact on client relations.

Are you prepared?

Our Experian social media checks are powered by a behaviour analysis and reporting tool used to objectively evaluate an online profile. We use an individual’s basic data, provided to us by the employer, to identify their online footprint over a defined number of years. By combining specialised search techniques and search engine software, our tool can quickly and accurately identify a highly detailed footprint covering millions of web pages and hundreds of social and professional websites.

We then analyse the information we’ve found, including written and visual content, using a specialised online behaviour assessment tool to answer a wide range of key behaviour-related questions – objectively, fairly and consistently. The thousands of potential outcomes are then simplified into a number of key behaviour indicators – providing employers with a fair, balanced, score-based report including potential risks, opportunities and recommended actions.

There are different levels of checks for different roles and sectors, from light-touch to more in-depth checks. Experian social media checks can deliver results in around 3-4 days, so they’re a good way to support busy HR professionals, while saving the time and cost involved of carrying out online searches in-house.

Professional social media checks are designed, developed and optimised to provide a fair, objective and compliant check. That means they specifically exclude use of protected characteristics and other discriminatory factors including age, disability, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, relationship status and pregnancy.

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