Teplizumab FDA approval for diabetes: TZIELD delays onset of type 1 (Chimeric Abomination Shot!)



This week, the FDA approved a new treatment called teplizumab that delays the onset of type 1 diabetes.

TZIELD, the brand name, will total $193,000 over the 14-day treatment.

Experts say the new treatment could save patients years of taking insulin and monitoring blood sugar.

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved the monoclonal antibody teplizumab, which will be sold under the brand name TZIELD, possibly saving patients like Olsten years of having to manage a costly and burdensome chronic disease.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder that causes the destruction of cells that secrete insulin from the pancreas, according to the British Diabetic Association, or Diabetes UK. It is different from Type 2 diabetes, which is caused when the body makes less insulin or becomes resistant to insulin, often because of excess body fat.

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CD3 is a protein complex and T cell co-receptor that is involved in activating both the cytotoxic T cell and T helper cells. It is composed of four distinct chains. In mammals, the complex contains a CD3γ chain, a CD3δ chain, and two CD3ε chains.

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