Potential case of deadly Ebola being investigated by UK health officials after hospital clinic ‘locked down’ | UK NEWS TO DAY


UK health officials are investigating a possible case of Ebola.

An area at Colchester Hospital in Essex has been locked down overnight so staff can deal with an “infection control problem”.

Ebola is a rare but serious, often fatal disease in humans — fatality rates have ranged from 25 to 90 percent in previous outbreaks.
It is understood that the patient raised concerns after developing viral symptoms and disclosing his recent travel history.

Uganda is currently in the grip of an Ebola virus outbreak that has caused 141 cases and 55 deaths since September 20.

A source told The Sun that the emergency treatment center at Essex Hospital was “closed” as a result of panic.

Officials at the UK’s Health Security Agency said it was routine to test sick returning travelers for a variety of infectious diseases.

The patient is being examined for a number of viral hemorrhagic fevers, and results are expected in the coming days.

Dr Meera Chand, UKHSA’s Director of Clinical and Emerging Infections, said: “Individuals who have recently traveled and report illness are routinely assessed by NHS doctors for a variety of infectious diseases.”

Last month, after an outbreak in Uganda, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) called on all doctors to be on high alert for patients showing signs of the virus, which has an average fatality rate of 50 per cent.

Symptoms include fever, fatigue, muscle aches, headache, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, a rash, and in some cases bleeding from the gums or blood in the stool, according to the World Health Organization.

At the time of the warning, health officials said the risk to the public was extremely low.

A spokeswoman for the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Colchester Hospital, said the 24-hour urgent treatment center had fully reopened by 7am today.

“Thank you to all the patients and staff for their support this afternoon when we had to temporarily close an area of the Urgent Care Center to deal with an infection control issue,” she said.

There has never been a case of Ebola in the UK, but in 2014 two patients who contracted the virus were treated in West Africa.

Both recovered after treatment in the specialist infectious disease units, which are located at the Royal Free in London and the Royal Victoria Hospital in Newcastle.

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