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Turkey’s operation in Syria and northern Iraq will continue, as Tayyip Erdoğan told reporters, stressing that his country will also use ground forces, adding that he has not had any conversation with Biden or Putin about this. theme.

“The operation in northern Iraq and Syria is not a random operation. As we have said before, if someone disturbs our country and our lands, we will make them pay the price. In fact, there are terrorist organizations in the south of Turkey that plan many attacks or that carry out such attacks and pose a threat. They are on the side of Iraq, they are on the side of Syria.

As I always say, when we said “we might come suddenly one night”, we didn’t say it for nothing. These steps were taken just in time. In fact, the operation that took place last night was a complete manifestation of this fact. Because destroying these terrorist organizations is now an essential duty of our security forces. Nor is it limited to just an air campaign.

The Ministry of Defense and the Army General Staff will decide how much force from the ground forces should be involved there. We do our consultation and then take action accordingly. We have already made our diplomatic moves with the countries that have a presence here, and we have taken and are taking our steps accordingly,” the Turkish president initially said

“This area has always been among the targets, and steps have already been taken accordingly. In fact, this time, there were two important areas in this goal in the same way. One was northern Iraq and the other northern Syria. We have made and will continue to make strides in these areas. We also have an agreement with the Russians in Sochi in 2019. They had the responsibility to clear the terrorists in the area.

Unfortunately, even though we reminded them many times over and over again, they didn’t do that, they can’t do that. We said that we will not remain silent on them and that we will take action against the terrorists there if they cannot do it themselves in any way. In this context, we neutralized 12 anti-terrorist targets in Kobani yesterday. There is continuity in this business. We did what was necessary by land and air. We will continue to do so.”

Asked whether he had briefed Biden or Putin on Turkey’s moves, Erdogan said:

We have had no meeting with Mr. Biden or Mr. Putin regarding this operation. But both Mr. Biden and Mr. Putin already know that we can do such things in this region at any time. In fact, as in this case, we always say, we may come suddenly one night…

We don’t work waiting to get leave. If we are going to take a step, we decide and do it. America needs to know about us now. He probably knows. We are saddened by the fact that we are with America in NATO. However, thousands of tools, equipment, ammunition, weapons, unfortunately, America has sent these to the terror zone in Syria.

This tactic has been in place since the Obama era, continued in the Trump era, and continues under Mr. Biden.

“We are with you in NATO, we are two important allies. Since such a threat is coming to us from the south, you are putting us in trouble by giving this support to the terrorist organizations here. Of course, we cannot live with these problems. When necessary, we will have to respond to them,” I told all US leaders. Of course they can’t say anything. We have done what is necessary at this point and will continue to do so.”

Erdogan was also asked about the meeting with Sisi and expressed the hope that the Turkish-Egyptian relationship will enter a new period.

“We said that a (de-escalation) process can begin. A step was taken here to start such a process and we had good talks. I hope that we will develop a process already started with our ministers and proceed to high-level meetings. The relationship between Turkey and Egypt is not a meeting of leaders.

The past cooperation of the Turkish nation and the Egyptian people is very important to us. Why not again, why not start over? We signaled them. Of course, our only request from them is: With these talks, let us establish peace here for those who take a stand against us in the Mediterranean, and we hope to continue our course with them.”

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