Lavrov: “Relations with the West will never be the way they were before – There will be no restoration of relations” – WarNews247

Relations between Russia and the West will not be restored after the war, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a press conference on European security.

“It is clear that even if, at some point, our Western neighbors and former partners suddenly become interested in somehow restoring joint work with Russia for European security, there will be no restoration of relations.

Because restoration means what was before. But there will never again be business as usual with the West, which is constantly digging dividing lines,” the Russian Foreign Minister stressed.

The actions of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) today allow us to raise questions about what the relationship between this organization and Moscow will be, Lavrov said. When the West realizes that it is better to coexist on the basis of what has already been agreed, Moscow will listen to its proposals.

The OSCE was created to defuse relations between the East and the West, but the West’s course of dominance has prevented this, the head of Russian diplomacy added.

Taking advantage of its numerical superiority in this organization, the West has been trying for many years, if you will, to privatize it. Or maybe it is more correct to say that he is trying to take the OSCE by storm to subjugate this last platform for regional dialogue, “said Lavrov.

The Russian foreign minister said the West had a real chance to avoid conflict in Ukraine, but chose to reject Russian proposals aimed at halting NATO expansion and agreeing a special security regime for Kiev.

Lavrov then again accused the US of “influencing” Europe against Russia, saying that “Europe is running behind the US and its desire to use the situation in Ukraine against Russia.”

Moscow is ready to listen if someone wants to hold talks about Ukraine, S. Lavrov also said.

He argued that Ukrainian accusations that Russia wants talks to buy time to regroup and rebuild its armed forces are absurd.

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