First armed conflict between Russian and American forces in Bakhmut – Americans fall into an ambush & retreat – The 5 dramatic minutes – WarNews247

The Mozart Group (Ukrainian: Група Моцарт, Hrupa Motsart) is an American NGO operating in Ukraine during 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine providing Ukraine training, advise, assistance, equipment, humanitarian extraction and medical evacuation and casualty care.The Mozart Group is composed of Western volunteers with military experience,and provides military training, civilian evacuations and rescue, and humanitarian aid distribution.It was founded in mid-March by Andrew Milburn, a retired U.S. Marine colonel Deputy Commander of Special Operations Command Central who also serves as the head of Mozart Group.

First armed confrontation between US and Russian forces was recorded on the outskirts of Bakhmut. WarNews247 is releasing a 5-minute video inside a wooded area just a few kilometers outside the city of Bakhmut.

According to information, American forces of the Mozart PMC rushed to the city of Bakhmut.

For the first time in history we have a full-on showdown between Russia’s Wagner PMC and America’s Mozart PMC, two private military companies.

For some time, the Russians knew about the intention of the Americans to strengthen the defense of the Ukrainians in Bakhmut with Mozart PMC forces. This was deemed necessary after the colossal losses of the Ukrainians in the last period of time.

The order given to American forces was to hold the city until Ukrainian Brigades could arrive from Kherson. The head of the forces “Mozart” was also found in the area, who went to inspect the situation and report to the American Pentagon.

In the video the Americans are looking for a group of 5-10 Russians when they suddenly come across numerous Russian forces supported by T-90 tanks.

The video comes from a helmet cam of an American soldier fighting in the forest northeast of Bakhmut.

“Northeastern Bakhmut, the black group. We were sent on an operation to push back the Russian line so that the Ukrainians could retake it.

We were informed of 5-10 Russian soldiers but we did not know the exact location. So we started the patrol when we suddenly spotted about 20-30 Russian soldiers in a heavily fortified trench system

They also had a T-90 tank as a backup, so we had to retreat. We also had a group of Ukrainian forces with us,” the American soldier emphasizes.

The Americans are ambushed and try to take cover behind the trees. They see that they cannot make use of the anti-tanks and decide to retreat.

It is unknown if they suffered losses and to what extent.

The Tribulation is commencing..

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