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Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said former Chancellor Angela Merkel’s words in an interview with Die Zeit that the Minsk agreements were signed to give the Ukrainian side a time gain could well be used to launch special courts.

As she said:

What Merkel said in her interview is the testimony of a person who directly stated that everything that was done in 2014-2015 had one goal: to distract the attention of the world community from real problems, to buy time, to fill the Kiev regime weapons and lead the situation to a major conflict” .

According to Zakharova, the confession of the German ex-chancellor sounds terrible: like counterfeiting as a method of operation in the West – like machinations, manipulations, every kind of distortion of the truth and the law that you can imagine.

She emphasized:

“The representatives of the West already knew then, in 2015, when they had negotiated for many hours, that they would never implement the agreements, but that they would channel weapons to the Kiev regime. They did not feel sorry for the women, nor for the children, nor for the civilian population of Donbas and Ukraine in general. They needed a clash and have been ready for it since 2015.”

Maria Zakharova commented on Angela Merkel’s interview yesterday on her Telegram channel.

She quoted Merkel’s words from the Zeit interview, in which the former chancellor said that “the 2014 Minsk agreement was an attempt to buy Ukraine time” .

Merkel also added that she doubted that NATO countries could have done as much then as they are doing now to help Ukraine.

Zakharova wrote:

“That is, Berlin and, consequently, the entire collective West did not comply with the Minsk agreements, pretended to comply with the Security Council resolution, but instead in reality supported the Kiev regime with weapons. [The West] ignored all of Kiev’s crimes in the Donbass and Ukraine in the name of a decisive blow against Russia.”

In the interview with the newspaper Die Zeit, published on December 7 this year, Merkel had said verbatim:

“The Minsk agreement of 2014 was an attempt to give Ukraine time… It was clear to all of us that it was a frozen conflict, that the problem had not been resolved, but that gave Ukraine precious time.

The Ukraine of 2014-2015 has nothing to do with today’s Ukraine,” Merkel argued speaking to the German newspaper Die Zeit, expressing doubt as to whether the NATO member states would be able to support Ukraine to the extent that they are doing so today.

In the events of 2014, Merkel was Chancellor of Germany, while she was one of the main protagonists in the formation of the Minsk agreements aimed at dealing with the conflicts in Donbass.

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