B.Putin: “Hundreds of Russian missiles will rise – Nothing will be left of our enemies” – WarNews247


International geopolitical stability is sacrificed by the US and its Western allies on the altar of maintaining their dominance on the world stage, noted Russian President Vladimir Putin, while Russian-American relations show no signs of any improvement in the immediate horizon and are in a “tragic situation “, as Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

“The possibility of conflict in the world is increasing and this is a direct consequence of the efforts of the Western elites to maintain their political, economic, military and ideological dominance by any means,” the Russian president noted in a video message to the meeting of defense ministers of the Organization for Cooperation and Development of Shanghai and a group of former Soviet countries, which was released by the Kremlin.

They (including the Western elites) are deliberately multiplying the chaos and worsening the international situation”, he underlined.

The Russian President gave, according to the responses, a clear message that “if there is a signal of a nuclear attack against Russia, hundreds of Russian missiles will be in the air and nothing will be left of our adversary.”

Putin said Russia does not have a mandate to launch a pre-emptive nuclear first strike, unlike the US, but that Russia’s advanced hypersonic weapons will ensure Russia can respond forcefully if ever attacked.

The Tribulation is commencing…

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