Operation “Pristina Dawn” by the Serbian Army: On the border with Kosovo the first 5,000 Serbian soldiers – General alert in the country – WarNews247



The Kosovo offensive (Bulgarian: Косовска настъпателна операция, German:Verfolgungskämpfe im Kosovo) was an offensive launched part of the greater Serbian campaign of World War I, by German, Austro-Hungarian, and Bulgarian units under the command of Prussian Field Marshal Mackensen. It was conducted in the south west corner of Serbia, in the historic site of the medieval battle of Kosovo, where the three Serbian armies had successfully retreated, during the second half of November 1915.
The ultimate goal of the offensive, to encircle and destroy the Serbian army in a decisive final battle, was unsuccessful after the Serbs withdrew over the snow clad Montenegrin and Albanian mountains towards the Adriatic sea coast.[2] The defeat of Serbia and forced exile of its army and government marked the end of the Serbian Campaign on November 24, 1915.

Code “Pristina dawn”: This is the name given by the Serbs to the upcoming special military operation in Kosovo. If nothing changes dramatically in the next few hours, then for the first time since 1999 the Serbian Army will enter Mitrovica and Kosovo.

Both the Serbian Army and the country’s Police are on general alert. Special forces of the Police together with forces of the Army were ordered to start from Belgrade to the administrative line with Kosovo.

At the same time, Serbian forces and especially the 63rd Airborne Brigade have been deployed along the administrative border with Kosovo along with Pantsir S1 and FK-3 anti-aircraft systems which have been moved into dispersal positions putting all of Kosovo within range.

The FK-3 anti-aircraft system, an export version of the HQ-22, was delivered in April by China.

Nemanja Starovic, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia emphasized:

Tonight we reach the point of no return. Kurti is currently preparing to attack northern Kosovo and wipe out the Serbs.

The president of Serbia, A.Vusic, said for his part:

“We will not surrender. Serbia will win. We will never forsake our brothers.

The ongoing standoff in Kosovo bears an uncanny resemblance to the Donbass crisis, Russia’s envoy to Belgrade Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko told Rossiya 24 TV channel on Monday.

“The whole situation, everything, including Pristina’s attitude towards the Kosovo Serbs, resembles, although on a smaller scale, what has happened and is still happening in Ukraine,” the diplomat said. The West is also treating the ethnic Albanian government in Kosovo the same way it has Kiev, he argued. 

Comparing the Donbass crisis to tensions in Kosovo, the ambassador added that “Pristina’s desire … to take control over all of Kosovo, including the regions inhabited by Serbs, at all cost” is what “lies at the heart” of this standoff. Any further escalation would lead to more drastic consequences, Botsan-Kharchenko warned.

The Tribulation is commencing…

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