Russia’s warning to Greece: “Hostile action and dangerous step towards Greek national interests if S-300s are sent to Ukraine! – WarNews247..

Ukrainian shelling hits hospital in Donetsk
The hospital in the Kalininsky district of Donetsk suffered a third strike in two weeks as the city came under fresh rocket and artillery attacks from Ukrainian forces, the local authorities said on Monday night.

The strike that took place around 11pm local time caused no casualties among the patients, but completely devastated the clinic section of the hospital. The night guard survived the attack as she took cover behind a safe upon hearing the whistling of incoming projectiles, Badma Bashankayev, a member of the Russian parliament’s lower house, told reporters

A high-ranking Russian official sent a warning to the Greek government not to grant the S-300 to Ukraine.

In more detail, the permanent representative of the so-called autonomous Republic of Crimea in Russia, Georgy Muradov, spoke to the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti and referred to the developments surrounding the war in Ukraine and to the “rumors” regarding the supply of the Greek air defense systems S-300 to the Ukrainian forces.

The Russian official, who knows the Greek language and is very familiar with the S-300 case, as he was the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Cyprus in the period 1996 – 1999, when the Cyprus crisis of Russian missile systems was caused which resulted sending them to Greece, he said that if the Greek S-300s were sent to Ukraine it would be an “absurd display of hostility towards Russia”.

In particular, Giorgi Muradov said:

“Such a move by Athens would not only be an irrational display of hostility towards Russia, but also a dangerous step towards its own national interests, something that Greek public opinion also expresses in a loud and emphatic way.”

The Russian ambassador also argued that Greece should remember that Russia supplied Cyprus with S-300 air defense systems at the end of the last century.

As the Russian ambassador to Cyprus at the time, I can remind you that they are not operating against Russia, because they are equipped with a ‘friend-foe’ identification system,” he said.

“However, the transfer of these systems to Kiev would undoubtedly fundamentally undermine the Greek defense capability,” he added.

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