B. Putin ordered an urgent investigation into the mass grave of 100 dead Russian soldiers in Makiivka – Anger in Russia: “Execute those responsible for the tragedy” – WarNews247


Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered an urgent investigation into the mass grave of Russian soldiers at Makeevka, with several Russian analysts and military experts even calling for the public execution of those responsible for the tragedy.

Military expert Boris Rozin said Vladimir Putin ordered the Investigative Committee to investigate the mass death of Russian soldiers

“President B. Putin ordered an investigation into the tragedy by January 6. On Friday, the Investigative Committee should deliver the results of the investigation to Putin.

At the same time, Putin instructed the Minister of Foreign Affairs S. Shoigu and the Chief of the General Staff, together with the Military Counterintelligence to assist the Investigative Committee in the investigation of Makeevka and to carry out all kinds of examination. The results report will be delivered no later than 12:00 on January 6.

Reserve air defense and anti-missile defense units are urgently moved to Makiivka to protect the team of investigators and forensics.

According to various Russian sources, the death toll exceeds 150.

Yesterday, early afternoon, the Russian Ministry of Defense, in a rare move, announced that 63 Russian soldiers were killed by a Ukrainian attack with the HIMARS missile system.

According to Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov, four missiles targeted a “temporary deployment center” of the military. Two more missiles were shot down, he claimed.

The announcement is extraordinary: not only is it the heaviest toll in a single attack that Moscow has admitted to since the start of the war in February, but it is also the first announcement of military casualties since September, when Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had spoken of 5,937 dead in the ranks of the Russian army.

In fact, the admission of the losses even caused the reaction of Russian analysts, bloggers and military experts who are asking for the punishment of the military commanders because the latter chose to house the soldiers next to an ammunition depot.

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