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DAVOS, Switzerland (LifeSiteNews) — Former British prime minister Tony Blair predicted that future vaccines will require “multiple shots” and called for a “digital infrastructure” to know “who’s been vaccinated and who hasn’t been.”

During the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF)’s panel discussion,“100 Days to Outrace the Next Pandemic,” Blair said that “you need the data, you need to know who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t been. Some of the vaccines that will come on down the line will be multiple shots.”

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OR WE TAKE A LOOK AT JOE BIDEN’S START OF OFFICE DATE = JAN 20, 2021 or Now Date of January 20, 2023 (Last Day of Davos 2023)

Blair stressed the importance of putting in place a “proper digital infrastructure” in order to be prepared for future pandemics. “This issue has to do with the technology and the digital infrastructure. I just want to emphasize how important I think that is.”

“Digitization in health care is one of the great game changers,” Blair stated, adding that “we should help countries to develop these infrastructures, which they will need with these new vaccines.”

The topic of the panel discussion was how to get a vaccine to the market within 100 days of future pandemics. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was another prominent figure who took part in the session.

Both Bourla and Blair stressed the importance of scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and pharmaceutical regulators (FDA, EMA, etc.) working closely together to speed up the process of getting a vaccine on the market.

The Pfizer CEO said that working together with the regulators “went magnificently well” during the development of their Covid mRNA injection.

The close collaboration between big pharma and the regulators that are supposed to scrutinize the medical products may be cause for concern, as there is evidence of possible collusion between the producers and the regulators of the pharmaceutical products.

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