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For infectious diseases experts at the World Health Organisation (WHO), the job is never done.

While the immediate dangers of the coronavirus appear to be over three years on from the respiratory disease bursting out of Wuhan, China, and bringing the entire world to a standstill, epidemiologists must remain vigilant for the next virus that has the theoretical potential to explode into a public health emergency.

The organisation has kept a list of “priority pathogens” since 2017, which compiles the diseases that pose the greatest potential threat to humanity and which we are, at present, most in need of more research into in order to ensure we are in a position to tackle them should they begin to spread.

The list, used by governments and public health organisations to guide their planning, will soon be revised again after the WHO brought together 300 scientists in November to reassess the danger represented by 25 viruses and bacteria with a view to reprioritising it.

“Targeting priority pathogens and virus families for research and development of countermeasures is essential for a fast and effective epidemic and pandemic response,” Dr Michael Ryan, executive director of WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme, said at the time.

We can expect an update in the coming months.

The coronavirus tops the present list but, putting that aside since we are all so well acquainted with it, here are the other eight viruses currently of most concern to WHO experts.

  1. Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever
  2. Ebola and Marburg
  3. Lassa fever
  4. MERS
  5. Nipah virus
  6. Rift Valley fever
  7. Zika virus
  8. ‘Disease X’

List of Hemorrhagic Fevers

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