Pentagon claims they have not recovered ANY debris from three UFO’s shot down

The Pentagon is yet to recover debris from the three UFOs shot down this weekend over Alaska, Canada and Michigan and is yet to offer any kind of explanation as to what they are, how they were able to fly, or whether they pose a genuine threat to America.

Since Friday, US fighter jets have struck down three objects flying above Alaska, Canada and Michigan. On Monday morning, John Kirby, the communications coordinator of the National Security Council revealed the US is yet to recover the debris of the aircraft.

Former NORAD commander Scott Clancy told CNN he’d be ‘very suspicious’. ‘This is just conjecture, I think you’re seeing the confluence of distinctive activity by our adversaries to test our systems,’ he said.

He went on to explain how ‘old’ NORAD’s systems are, and how the sheer number of UFOs showed that it was a ‘coordinated effort’. ‘It looks to be a concerted effort because you have more than one. It looks like a coordinated effort.’ Earlier, John Kirby admitted the US hasn’t yet recovered the debris.

‘The truth is that we haven’t been able to gain access to the objects that were shot down Friday, Saturday, and yesterday because of the weather conditions. The third one was shot down yesterday over Lake Huron so it’s underwater.

‘We’re going to do everything we can to recover them,’ he told MSNBC. Kirby insisted the balloons could be ‘benign’ and tried to assure Americans: ‘There could be totally explainable reasons for why these objects are flying around all there.

‘There are corporate entities that operate these kinds of things, we just don’t know as soon as we can get to the debris we’ll share what we can. It doesn’t have to be nefarious.’

His assurances fall on the deaf ears of a growing number of Republicans and Americans demanding answers. Pentagon officials held a press conference on Sunday night in the middle of the Super Bowl, when the majority of the country was distracted, where they failed to answer many questions.

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