China entered the war against Ukraine and NATO: Delivers PLZ-05 and MLRS AR1A artillery systems to the Russian Army! – Full List – WarNews247

War Begins..

The shipment of Chinese weapons systems to
Russia begins, an event that will be a turning point not only for the Ukrainian war but also for Beijing’s relations with the US, the West and NATO.

Senior Chinese Liberation Army officials have
reportedly ordered the opening of the PLA`s largest weapons depot in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The Chinese military base houses high-ranking
Russian military personnel. The Russians reportedly arrived in this particular province of China 8 days ago.

Chinese officials are bringing artillery systems out of storage as well as missile systems. According to the same information, these are large quantities of weapons.

“The reserve artillery systems are coming out of
storage, being inspected and being prepared for
transfer to Russian colleagues.

These are PLZ-05 self-propelled howitzers of 152
mm caliber, the analogue of the Soviet / Russian
2S19 “Msta-S”, as well as MLRS AR1A, the analogue of the 9K59 “Smerch” of 300 mm caliber,” Chinese sources say.

Let’s note that the concession of the specific weapon systems to the Russian Army has a logic. These systems are the same as the Russian ones, the Russians know about them, and Beijing can easily deny NATO and the US their concession.

China’s Weapons List – What else can Beijing deliver?

According to a Chinese military analyst, Beijing may still deliver:

-Golden-Eagle 500 UAV
-SR-5 artillery system
-Drone swarm systems. The Chinese propose a
system, which is capable of swarm attacks and
automated formation. Each swarm consists of about 200 drones

Information about the concession of Chinese HJ-12 anti-tank missiles is not yet confirmed.

The Tribulation is commencing..

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