The ancient lunar Roman calendar – November in December and the Ides of March..

The Lord prompted me this evening to SEEK OUT why November Prophecies continue to align with the December Prophecies and why is this? What is this riddle?

After getting stumped a bit, the Holy Spirit helped me. He’s a Patient Teacher.. 😁 Praise Jesus!

He gave me understanding..Which makes March 13th a very dangerous day (Possible Fist Punch) as the last day of November on the Ancient Roman Calendar. 9 Days before the New Moon in March 21st.

Let’s read this article below and I will explain the Ancient Roman Calendar.

The ancient lunar Roman calendar underwent many changes before the reforms of Julius Caesar which went into effect in 45 B.C. and changed it to a solar calendar. The Julian calendar consisted of the familiar twelve months and was 365 days in length.

The days of the months were not numbered sequentially as they are now. Rather three set points in the month which, in the traditional Roman calendar had originally corresponded to phases of the moon: Kalends (new moon), Nones (first-quarter moon), and Ides (full moon), were retained but reassigned —Kalends to the first day of the month, Ides to the middle of the month, corresponding to our 13th or 15th depending on the month, and Nones to the day nine days before Ides– without regard to the moon. The remaining days of the month were denominated not, as in our system, by their relation to the beginning of the month, but by their relation to the next of those three fixed points /1/.

For example, the Ides of March was the 15th; the 14th of March would be called PRIDIE ID. MAR., or “the day before the Ides of March.” To further complicate things, the Romans counted inclusively, that is to say they counted the days between now and the next fixed point, plus that fixed point. Thus, the 13th of March was A. D. III ID. MAR., that is three days before the Ides of March, counting the 13th, 14th, and the 15th. The Fourth of July in the Roman calendar is A.D. IV NON. IUL., that is the fourth day before the Nones of July (in July the Nones being on the 7th). For days of the month after the Ides, the count looked forward to the Kalends of the following month. Thus December 25, in Roman usage would be A.D. VIII KAL. IAN., or eight days before the Kalends of January.

To keep the Julian calendar in sync with solar year of slightly less than 365-1/4 days, an extra day was added every fourth year to the month of February. Those bissextile /2/ years are known, colloquially, as “leap” years. The Julian calendar slightly over-adjusted for the difference between the true solar year and the 365-day year, and over the centuries required another adjustment to the bissextile years by Pope Gregory. The Gregorian calendar /3/ we now use retained the quadrennial bissextile year except in years evenly divisible by 100, in which case the year is bissextile only if it is also evenly divisible by 400.

Now let’s use an Ancient Roman Date Calculator I found to see when the PRIDIE ID KAL Date for November comes up before December of the New Moon.

So the New Moon in March is on the 21st. When you read the Calendar information below for the Last Day of November, it is PRIDIE. Kal Dec.

Here is an example below on how December is translated to IX or 9 Days before the New Moon to equal November 30th seen below.

Now remember that Pridie KAL means the last day of the Month, which we are looking for the last day of November, which coincides the 12th Hebrew Month, but even in the Ancient Roman Calendar represents November and December at the same time.

Therefore, the last day of November is March 13, 2023 and also is the Month of December at the same time and an Event Watch Day we already were monitoring on a 7 Day Cycle from the Rise of Hitler on January 30th.

Prepare for the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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