Watch “Worse Than You  Thought It Would Be Dream by Dana Coverstone” on YouTube (Plagues of Egypt- Darkness)

Dana Coverstone shares a Dream that he began having at March 10th, regarding a Time of an “Independence” like Celebration with fireworks that turned into weird sightings appearing in the sky, then people looking for answers regarding what was going on and based on his dream, “The Homes of the Annointed” were the only ones safe and had the answers.

There’s some Revelation that the Lord revealed to me here regarding the 3 Days of Darkness and another confirmation regarding the possible timeline of the 40 Days of Testing (Plagues of Egypt-40 Days) that begun on Sabbath of the Red Heifer on March 10th, 2023.

Follow me as I take you through this Revelation.

On March 21st, we discussed Babesia Microti and relationship to the Maltese Cross, which has arrowhead shaped cross with symbolism tied to the Catholic lay religious order.

The other important Revelation received here, was that the disease Babesiosis that is rising relates to fly toxin “Bezzelbub”.

I didn’t understand the significance related to the Plagues of Egypt, but I understand more now after I heard the Dana Coverstone Dream.

As I thought about the Independence Celebration coming in July, the Spirit reminded me of Israel’s 75th Birthday coming up in April.

The Alarm within me went off, as I remembered that this was the possible timing of the Last Plague of the FirstBorns being taken in Judgement that we went over related to the Millions of Fish Dying Revelation.

Now remember the Lord had showed me that we were in a Leap Year because EVERY Jubilee Year is a Leap Year. This is important.

If you look at the date related to March 10th (Leap Year Feb 10th), being Sabbath of the Red Heifer when the “Purification- Time of Testing ” possibly began, it brings us to 7 Days before Israel’s Independence Day – April 18th/19th, 2023.(3 Days before April 22nd or Leap Year – March 22nd.

Now let me show you the alignment with the Plagues of Egypt, possibly going on right now, but different than the we are expecting.

The plagues probably took about 40 days, from Sunday, February 10 until Friday night, March 22, 1446 BC.

The Bible specifies how long some of the plagues lasted. For others, the Bible does not specify the length of time. Sometimes the Bible specifies a lapse of time between plagues; sometimes it does not. So, it is possible the total time span may have been a bit longer, but it could not have been very much shorter.

We can feel comfortable with a probable maximum time frame between February 1 and March 22, 1446 B.C. (the end date is certain – the 14th of Nisan in the Hebrew calendar, the First Passover).

Consider these terrible plagues falling like hammer blows within a space of 40 or 50 days upon the mighty nation of Egypt and leaving it in utter ruin and despair!

So looking at this from a Leap Year perspective, then March 10th (Day of Dana Coverstone’s Dream), really is Feb 10th, taking us 40 days to April 19th (or really March 22nd, since February only has 28 days in it.)

Remember that due to the Leap Year, First Fruits looks to also land on April 19th on the Enoch Calendar.

Now the next alignment brings all of this together with the Revelation related to the Plague of the Flies – Bezzelbub (Babesiosis). I am using one of my posts regarding the upcoming Plagues of Egypt related to a Dream by Vicki Goforth Parnell- Rachel Weeps.

In the text I mentioned in this post related to the 2nd Plague of the Flies, we see there were 3 Unclean Spirits like Frogs that were released.

It then says that these spirits came out of the mouth of the Dragon, Beast and False Prophet (Vatican-Rome).

When I saw this my spirit leaped to this understanding, as we just went over the Babesiosis Disease in the Abomination Shot that aligns with Catholism and arrows of war shaped like a cross (Maltese Cross).

This would be One of the spirits spoken of in Revelation 16.

This would mean that we may see more Pestilence in the Abomination Shot related to TWO more demonic spirits, similar to what we saw with Babesiosis. I assume ONE out of the Mouth Location of China (Shanghai) and then ONE from the Mouth (Headquarters) location of the United Nations in Manhattan, New York.

As we see this new Revelation, this will help us track where we are in the Plagues of Egypt Timeline to April 19th, 2023.

So based on what we see, then Herd Disease should be announced soon, this will confirm the information we are seeing if they are happening in order.

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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